All About Christmas

Christmas or X-mas is the holy festivals of Christianity. The reason behind calling this festival merry is because it is full of meaning, piousness, religion and all things good. But like everything else, Christmas has a story behind itself as well. Let’s unfold the story.

Traditionally, the festival of Christmas dates back to the 25th December of 273 AD. The festival marks the birth of the creator of the universe- Jesus Christ. According to mythology, 25th December is also supposed to be the date of birth of the sun and the triumph of light after prolonged darkness. It was also said that the day is holy not only because of the birth of the sun but also because of the birth of him who made it.

101 really facts about Christmas

The pagan tradition is mentioned in the Luke 1:78-79 which says, “…Because of the tender mercy of our God, by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven 79 to shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the path of peace.”

Initially, Christmas was not celebrated on a particular day. The festival was rather celebrated as a whole season in varied parts of the world beginning from the eve of Christmas- December 24. It then went on to days and weeks until the festival of Christmas was truly realized.

The real history of christmas truth

The festival of Christmas also brings along certain materialistic things that also have a meaning behind them. The most noticeable of all is the conical Christmas tree. The tree is evergreen in nature and is lit with candles thus signifying the eternal life of Jesus. It was introduced by Martin Luther in the Reformation Church which told the world that Christ is alive in all of us.

Another noticeable artifact of Christmas is the candles which say that Christ is the light of the world. Holly refers to the thorns or pricks in his crown. Red color signifies the blood that Christ shed for the world and his saddening death. Gifts around the Christmas tree remind of the Magi’s gifts to Jesus.

There is so much to Christmas that keeps adding to its sanctity. But above all, it is a festival of togetherness, brotherhood and a way of thanking the Almighty for his grace!

Christian Charity – Sharing Love And Selfless Giving

What is your thinking about the christian mission charities?

The meaning of the word “Charity” is taken differently by the world today. It is giving something to someone who is desperately in need. When the word “Charity” comes into your mind, it strikes that giving food and clothes to poor people living on streets, homeless and beggars. That is what people think about charity.

But Christian charity meaning is different in the Bible. It means love others in the name of God, share things to people who can’t support themselves. God’s way of teaching human beings is that learn to live himself/herself because spoon feeding is not the intention of God’s teaching.

Look at the examples from the Bible:

Manna came from the sky – It is a charity of God to his people when they are starving.

Jesus has died on the cross – It is a charity of Jesus to save his people from sinful nature.

It shows us that charity is a Christian virtue. When people are in desperate need of food and clothes, is providing basic needs without expecting anything back. It should be a common trait in all Christians irrespective of denomination. If you are in a position to give, give your helping hand that is what makes us true Christians.

We are reminded through the Bible “Sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven” (Matthew 19:21, NIV).

Majority of Christians use possible money for the good of others. Today, many poor countries depend on charity organizations for their care, welfare, and development.

Christian charity organizations work in various countries for food assistance, health care, safe water, and quality education. When sponsors receive letters, photos, and videos from poor, they are encouraged to support more.

The true Christian ethos is important to the spirit of Christian charity. The best Christian charities believe and follow nonprofit principles, serving poor honestly.

There are thousands of children benefited by the Christian charity organizations and building their lives. Without Christian charities, it is not possible for many countries to survive and support orphans. Because of Jesus Christ teaching, many Christian charity organizations have come forward to lending their hands to provide needs of destitute. Be it education, healthcare and food are provided by these charity organizations to change the lifestyle of needy.

These Christian missionary schools, colleges, hostels and many more are running by the selflessness Christians. Those who accepted Jesus Christ as their lord is keeping the money for others to show their love.

Charity monthly donations by the Christians are a key aspect for these organizations to offer services to millions of people across the world.

The Four Essential Steps of Christianity

What is important things to know about the Christianity for beginners steps to ultimate growth spiritually?

Besides India, many countries follow Christianity. Some follow as a tradition while others will get converted. When it comes to your mind what are the basics of Christianity, you will come to know four essential things.

Bible is the first thing that you have to own it. There are several versions available in the market and you should choose the best one. The next is that one has to spend some time daily to read.

Apart from choosing a Bible, you have to attend church every Sunday to listen to sermons. Theological sermons help understand more about God. Sermons allow you to understand without any misinterpret context that you read daily. Going to church teaches how to worship and pray to God. Prayer is a crucial aspect of a Christian lifestyle. If you want to know, what the central message of Christianity, the first comes is that prayer which creates space between you and God.

If you accept Jesus as your personal savior, you should get baptized. It is one of the vital customs in Christianity. After getting baptized, you must stick to commandments of God. If you follow his commandments, spirituality will increase and can be away from the secular lifestyle.

Communion is also necessary to keep your life clean and healthy in Christianity. Taking communion will keep you God-fearing person. Therefore, these are the four important steps in the Christian lifestyle that one has to adapt. Reading the Bible, prayer, baptism, and communion are the four necessary steps.

Why Christianity important for everyone is, the life of Jesus Christ is unique. His birth, death, and resurrection are unique. He is 100%, God and Human. There is no other God like Jesus Christ. Overall, the central message of Christianity is – love your neighbor as yourself and Jesus is only God.

The definition of Christianity is that leading holy life by leaving sinful nature. It might not be easy for people but following steps of the Christian lifestyle is possible. Today, there are thousands of Christian spiritual leaders who have been teaching the lessons of Jesus Christ to change the world to live forever in Heaven.

Today, there are several denominations across the globe, and all believe that Jesus is the only way to enter into the kingdom of God. No matter where you go in the world, you are able to see Christian schools, colleges, hospitals, and orphanages. The motto of Christianity is to serve people and change people. There is no other community like Christianity with a great commitment.

A Right Christmas tree With Decorations

There is nothing more pivotal to the idea of holiday decorations than the Christmas tree. During the Christmas season, people love to make large or small, natural or artificial, faux or fresh, Christmas tree rightfully. Christmas tree decoration is said to be the main part of this festival as it is placed in the entrance hall to get the attention of visitors. All the friends and family members love to look at the tree and have fun.

People who are living in metropolitan cities can get the Christmas tree online as it is the best way to get it for the best price. We all know that sparkles of lights will give extra magic.

There are various bulbs but red and blue bulbs are the right choices to get expected look. These days, multi-colored decoration light sets are available in any gift shops. If you want to have exact look, you need to buy enough bulbs to cover the Christmas tree for a charming look. Never try to get old-fashioned large bulbs which consume more power and sometimes, burn too hot and can be a safety issue.

Establishing a theme for Christmas tree is really fun and some of the right themes are like ‘Antique Teddy Bears’ or ‘Hand-blown Glass’. They will elevate the beauty of the Christmas tree to make it more impressive. The amount of lights is based on the height of tree so calculate 50 bulbs for one foot which is enough to give a required look. Without Christmas tree at home, Christmas celebration will be so dull. Make this Christmas more enjoyable with right Christmas tree decoration.

The history of Christmas

Christmas is one amongst the foremost-celebrated festivals across the world. It is not just a sacred religious holiday but also is a worldwide cultural and commercial phenomenon. Christians will celebrate it as the anniversary of Jesus birth who is a spiritual leader and whom millions of believers follow his principles

According to ancient history and the New Testament, it is said that Christ was born to Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. Although, the date and month of Jesus Christ were not known, during the time of early-to-mid fourth century, the western Church has announced that December 25 is the date of Christ Jesus birthday. Today, the majority of the Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25. It is a strong belief that Christ has come to the world as a human being to atone the sins of humanity than it looks like a birth of Jesus Christ. This is what people consider December 25 than celebrating mere Christmas.

The celebration of Christmas includes sharing gifts, singing songs, decorating Christmas trees, giving greeting cards and Christmas crackers and etc. Especially, Santa Claus brings gifts to children during the Christmas season. Christmas is a significant event for business people to increase their sales. Christmas is taken from Middle English Cristemasse. As per the records, it is recorded first in 1038. All over the world, Christmas is celebrated in different ways.

On Christmas Day, Christians go to church and participate in singing songs and dance programs. Sharing the love and distributing gifts are a very common.

The 20 best classic Christmas music songs list of all time

The greatest holiday traditions Christmas season time classic merry Christmas music songs of all time

The greatest Christmas songs with great lyrics. Classic Christmas music gives great Christmas season.

Singing Christmas songs for carols, visiting houses, makes a blessed time. Christmas tree being decorated with various stars, Santa clause stockings filled with gifts, excitements of kids make the season even more beautiful.

The season of Christmas leads us to New Year. It is an opportunity not only too remained the birth of Jesus Christ, but also to remember the great deeds he had done in our life all through the year. The hymns of Christmas gives us incredible joy and happiness

Play the best a original holiday Christmas carol music songs list of all time

1. Jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way carols video song for Children

Christmas anagaane first gurthu vache paaataa jingle bell rock, here we have original song of jingle bells lyrics, mp3 and mp4 you can play rock band piano for your church quire team.

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2. Dootha paata padudi rakshakuni sthuthinchudi Christmas song for Telugu Christians

This is very old and famous telugu andhra Christian song. In Christmas season, telugu people all are remember this and play this song in their churches. Here we have (దూత పాట పాడుడి) dootha paata padudi song lyrics you can easily download it.

Play Dootha paata padudi song of Christmas

3. Yesu puttenu pasula pakalo Telugu Christmas song

Download yesu puttenu pasula pakalo popular Christmas song with lyrics

4. Bethlahemu sandadi jesus christmas song

Bethlehem lo sandadi song is very powerful Christmas folk song. Go through the song we have bethlehem lo sandadi video, mp3 (audio) Jesus song with lyrics in telugu free download on

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5. Vintaina taraka velisindhi gaganana christmas video song

Vintaina taraka velisindhi gaganana is a xmas action dance song. watch here

6. Aha anandhame maha santhoshame Telugu Christmas carol song mp3, video download with lyrics

7. Rajulaku raju putte annayya christmas video folk mp3, video song with lyrics free download

8. Toorpu dikku chukka putte meramma holiday Christmas video download

9. Idhi subhodayam kreesthu janma dinam Christmas song free download with lyrics

10. Chinta ledika yesu puttenu song of christmas

11. Rakshakundu Udayinchinaadata Telugu Christmas Carol Song

12. Krotha Yedu Modalu Pettenu Indian Christmas Song with lyrics

13. Sree yesundu janminche reyilo telugu Christmas song lyrics free download

14. Raraju Janminche Ilalona telugu christmas dance videos download

15. Bosi navvula chinnari yesayya Christmas Song

16. Nee dayalo nenunna inthakalam christmas song download

17. Illalona pandaganta jesus xmas video song free download

18. Yesayya Puttadu latest telugu christmas song

19. Vinare yo Narulara Andhra Christmas Keerthanalu

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Praise and Worship Songs of Christians

Everybody needs various things in our day-to-day lives to keep motivated and go on the right track. Meditating on word of God and listen to worship songs are important growing spiritually. One cannot go away from God to lead a peaceful life. Especially, during the month of December, we love to hum the songs with joy all the time as our lord Jesus was born. No matter where you live in this world, everybody loves to sing English Christmas songs during this month and learn new English Christmas songs.

These days, there are various ways to get the songs but one of the best ways is that online where you can find English Christmas songs hundreds and thousands to download.

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Get connected

You cannot always go to church for listing to songs as we are busy with our hectic working schedules. So, we have a source online for English Christmas songs download and listen to. In order to get connected to God, reading Bible, praying, worshipping or praising with gospel songs is required. But, learning new English Christmas Songs make us happy all the time.

There are hundreds of lyricists who have penned English Christmas songs for the music lovers to sing and praise the lord as he has done wonders in our lives.


We all love to attend the church and worship God. But, we fail to attend and miss out the chance of learning new Christmas songs. Interesting is that learning new songs are always one sort of knowing god and worshipping God. Today, fortunately, we have internet as the best source of English Christmas songs download and practice.

Being Inspired

Never ignore to be inspired. Things might seem mundane and music is said to be the best approach to get inspired to live spiritual life which makes you happy. When it comes to Christian songs, they help you always to be inspired and lead a joyful life. Since online is available today, you download English Christmas songs and practice. This entire December month, people around the world will celebrate Christmas and enjoy. When you attend Christmas occasion and sing new English Christmas album songs with the congregation, you would be inspired to keep going on the right track of Christian life.

Role of the internet

Whether you are at the office or home, the internet is the right choice to download Christmas songs and listen to. There are hundreds of portals to download songs but one of the best sites is which makes you easy to download and listen to songs whenever you love to listen. We are special as we have collected songs of authors and top lead singers from across the globe.

There are hundreds of English Christmas songs that have been collected for the users. Easy to navigate and download without any difficulty. It is purely designed for music enthusiasts to download songs and practice. You would find songs from your favorite lyricists.

The motto of this portal is to draw you nearer to God and lead happy Christian life. Please check this portal for learning more about God by downloading new English Christmas songs.