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The best top christian musicians understand how to rock out and honor God! this listing features some of the maximum famous songs from the maximum famous christian musicians, bands, and artists on online. All of the songs featured on this listing have topped 1 million online perspectives, and constitute the most regularly-searched for and renowned christian songs spanning an expansion of genres, from hip-hop to trendy rock to gospel. A number of the motion pictures covered are the respectable music films for the songs, although in different instances, once they had higher view counts, stay performances or illustrated montages had been used.

Old Christian Songs
Singers: G. Anand, P. Susheela, S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Jikki

1970’s Super Hit Christian Songs
Singers: S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, P. Suseela, G. Anand, Jikki, S. P. Sailaja

Madhura Seva(Andhra Christian Songs)
Sponsored by Joshua(Phani) & Preethi Pilli, New Jersey, USA
Singers: Mahitha Charles, Vidyalankar, Nissi John, Gayatri, Anand & Vasanth
Music: Ashirwad Luke
For Copies of the CD/ Casette, Please Contact: Mr. John Charles Pilli, Aradhana Gospel Ministries at 986-6779951 or 704-644-8015

Andhra Khristhava Keerthanalu
Sponsored by Joshua(Phani) & Preethi Pilli, New Jersey, USA
Commentory: Rev. Dr. R. R. K. Murthy Music: Dattatreya
Singers: Dr. Rapaka John Dr. Rapaka John Bilmoria, Surekha, Mount Baton
For Copies of the above CD/ Casette, Please Contact: Dr. R. John Dr. Rapaka John Bilmoria, Plot No: 38, Vijaya Gardens, Bandlaguda, Uppal Mandal, Hyderabad – 500068, A.P, India Tel: 040- 24221842 Cell : 9848055073
Lyrics: Kommu Krupa, Fredric O Kelly, Mocherla Ragavaiah, Pulipaka Jagannadhamu, Alladi PedaVeeraaSwamy, A. B. Masilamani

Andhra Khristhava Keerthanalu
Singers: Srilekha M M, Ravi G, Srikanth, Charles 1, 11, Vasanth, Sonny, Malavika, Priyasri, Vidyalankar, Raghav, Ezra Shastri, Usha, Babji, Vineetha, Swarup Medithi
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Thrahimaam Kreesthu Naatha
Music: Ezra Shastry Lyrics: Mungamuri Devadasu, Panthagaani Paradesi, Ravuri Rangaiah, Pulipaaka Jagannadham, William Walford, Henry Francis Light, Purushotham Chowdhari, Dorasaami Aarogyam
Singers: Swarnalatha Jason, Ezra Shastry
For copies of the Cd/Casette, Please contact: Mrs. Milcah Gilbert, Plot No: 105, Ashok Enclave KAPRA, Hyderabad-500 062, AP, INDIA, Ph: 40-27132604

Kalvari Kiranaalu
Singer: Hema John
or copies of CD/Casette, Please contact: Bro. N. Jaya Paul, 29, Ambica Street, Velachery, Chennai 600042, India.

More Andhra Christian Songs
Singer: Rev. P. Suresh, Music: P. J. D. Kumar

Other Andhra Christian Songs
Lyrics: A.B.Masilamani, Mallela Daveedu, Pulipaka Jagannadham, S. James, Matthiah Samuel , Ravi John Sundara Rao, Dorasami Aarogyam, Purushotham Chowdhari, A.C.Kinsinger / Shubha Mani;Commetary: R. R. K. Murthy; Singer: Rapaka John Dr. Rapaka John Bilmoria

Songs for the Lent
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Singers: Ravi G, Bindu

Songs By Other Gospel Singers/Albums

More Christian Songs