Greg Laurie’s New Believer’s Bible hits $ 10 million Sales Milestone

Carol Stream, Illinois, headquarters for Tyndale House Publisher | Courtesy Tyndale House Publisher

A version of the Bible aimed at recent converts to Christianity recently garnered 10 million in sales.

Tyndale House Publishers announced Wednesday that New Believer’s Bible has reached the milestone honored with a diamond award by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.

The New Believer’s Bible was originally released in 1996 and uses New Living Translation with notes written by Greg Laurie, pastor of the Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California.

Tyndale House Bible Brand Director Dave Thornton told The Christian Post in an interview that he was “excited” for success with the Bible version.

“We are also pleased that new Christians are able to deepen their relationship with God through his words in both print and digital form as well as in Spanish and Portuguese,” he said.

Evangelist Greg Laurie preaches at the Southern California Fall Crossing in 2018 in Anaheim, California. | Harvest

Thornton saw the sale as an indication that “so many new Christians” were taking “their first steps in the throne with the helpful direction of Pastor Greg Laurie and the easy-to-understand text of the new live translation.”

“We expected it to be a very important Bible with such useful comments and direction for new believers from Greg Laurie,” I continued.

“Predicting total sales over time is a tricky thing, so I don’t think we had it when it was first published in 1996.”

Part of the sale comes from Laurie’s own Harvest ministry, which often sends copies of New Believer’s Bible to those who have reached them with an interest in converting.

According to Thornton, for example, in March and April, Harvest online services reported about 35,000 people who “stated their desire to follow Jesus Christ.”

“Each of these new believers is sent to the New Believers New Testament from the Ministry of the Fall,” I explained.

The New Believer’s Bible is not the first Tyndale product to receive the Diamond Award. Others include the NLT Bible, The Living Bible, and the book More than a carpenter by Josh McDowell.

In an email statement in response to the news, Laurie talked about releasing the latest edition of New Believer’s Bible earlier this year.

“And not only does it include my original notes, but I have added many new ones to help today’s readers understand the power of the incredible creation story, the fall of humanity and redemption through Jesus Christ found on the pages,” I have said.

“I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to introduce this Bible to a new generation … of new believers.”

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