Nee chethitho nannu pattuko song

Nee chethitho nannu audio mp3 song free download

Every day we need to worship the Lord by these songs. So God will be glorified. It is one of the famous Christian Telugu old golden hit songs. This is one of the most famous and most listened to songs by Christians. We also have nee chethitho nannu pattuko audio songs. You can watch online and download them whenever you want. We give access to download your favorite audios and videos. You can also convert them into mp3 and mp4. The meaning of this song was asking the Lord to hold our hands every time.

Nee chethitho nannu pattuko song lyrics free download

On the demands and needs of our customers, we have uploaded nee chethitho nannu pattuko song lyrics. You can download them for free. These lyrics will help in understanding the meaning of the song and you can also learn the song and worship the Lord. We also have nee chethitho pattuko song lyrics in English. The lyrics are available both in English and Telugu. You can download them as pdf. We also provide nee chethitho nannu pattuko song videos with full clarity and high speed. You can visit our website and download all your favorite songs. We arrange the songs in a specific manner so that you can search for them easily. Our page is a right choice to download all your favorite Christian songs.

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నీ చేతితో నన్ను పట్టుకో – నీఆత్మతో నన్ను నడుపు

శిల్పి చేతిలో సిలను నేను – అనుక్షణము నన్ను చెక్కుము (2x)

1. అంధకార లోయలొన – సంచరించిన భయము లేదు

నీ వాక్యము శక్తిగలది – నా త్రోవకు నిత్యవెలుగు (2X)

2. ఘోర పాపిని నేను తండ్రి – పాప యూబిలో పడియుంటిని

లేవనెత్తుము శుద్ధిచేయుము – పొందనిమ్ము నీదు ప్రేమను (2X)

3. ఈ భువిలో రాజు నీవే – నా హృదిలో శాంతినీవే

కుమ్మరించుము నీదు ఆత్మను – జీవితాంతము సేవచేసెదన్ (2X) …నీ చేతితో…

Nee chethitho nannu pattuko song