advent festival

Christmas along with itself creates an atmosphere of joy and euphoria everywhere. It is the most awaited day by all the Christian as it celebrates the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. However the date was not known and no where mentioned in the Holy Bible, eventually 25 December was considered as the birth of divine power Jesus Christ.

Christmas is one of the most awaited festivals by Christians, to make this countdown and waiting more special and memorable the Christian people celebrate advent traditions. The word itself is self explanatory meaning waiting or coming. The advent tradition is followed by Christians and different people do this countdown in different ways. It is usually started four weeks before the Christmas which means probably from 1st of December. They follow the four Sundays Advent themes and organize and follow their own advent tradition.

What is advent catholic?

Catholics perform their advent wreath tradition which involves the awaiting of the very divine day where Jesus Christ was born. They start lightening candles four weeks ahead Christmas. Candles are associated with Jesus Christ and darkness with the sins. To symbolize the evacuation of darkness and bringing the hope of light they burn one candle every Sunday. In this also, there are different reasons given by different people some of them say each candle can be associated with 1000 years of waiting and after 4000 years of waiting there comes the birth of Jesus Christ which helps evacuate sin and darkness and lightens the darkness with his birth. On the other hand, there are different types of candles also associated with different meaning on the basis of size, color and number. Violet candle symbolizes the prayer, penance, pain and sacrifice during advent time ahead of Jesus Christ birth. If the candle is round the sentiments says that the love is unconditional and never ending. God has sent his son Jesus Christ to save us from Sin. And 4000 years of suffering is symbolized by burning 4 candles each in every Sunday.

Why is advent tradition important?

You will never be able to describe the value of advent tradition because there can be no comparison for it. It is priceless as it reminds of how lucky we are to have God send his son to redeem us from this curse and sins. How Jesus Christ helped us to come out of darkness and showered his blessings and love on us. During this period many people even fast till this coming day so that they don’t waste time and get distracted and can deeply concentrate in preparations of welcoming this day and spending time by singing hymns of Jesus Christ and praising him. It is just a way to show respect and love for God. Different people follow different ways and do the countdown accordingly and wait for the best day of the year.

Advent Themes and traditions:

Nowadays, people use different ways to show the excitement and counting. There are specialized design calendars for the advent in different customized ways. Few people keep some good thing or write a good quote and open every day for 25 days. Few people also keep chocolate in each window to just make them feel that the good time is approaching and how lucky they are. In the markets or online you may find readymade calendars and different creative things available for making this countdown more special and interesting.

So friends this year make your advent special and celebrate with your near and dear ones with extreme joy and happiness.