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Ps. Alwin Thomas Tamil Christian Songs (Ruah Ministries)

Alwin Thomas is a Christian evangelist, pastor, and composer. He is a young and dynamic man of God. He lives in Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. He was born and brought up in a humble and God-fearing family. He is an MBA post-graduate and was working in a Multinational Company. One day, God called him to lead his people. He resigned from his well-paid job. In October 2004, Alwin Thomas was led to build a church for the Lord. He is the founder and owner of the RUHA ministry. RUHA means ‘breath of God’. The ministry started with five hundred people. Now it has grown tremendously. He didn’t turn back from that day onwards. Through the RUHA ministry, he has reached many people, sharing the love of Jesus. Listen Alwin Thomas Songs on

He is popular in many states of India for his songs and praise and worship style. He has composed a number of Tamil Christian songs. Many Christians listen and sing Alwin Thomas mp3 songs download. He is known for fast-beat music. Most of his songs have good music that draws people to listen to them. He has conducted many prayer meetings such as spiritual awakenings of young India as Freedom 08, Freedom 09 and Freedom 10, and Bless India has made many youngsters follow Christ. Alwin Thomas Tamil Christian songs are popular. Alwin Thomas MP3 songs are available too. Alwin Thomas songs free download cannot be done here, but you can listen and be blessed.

He is married to Joy Hannah, and they have two children Cherrie Michelle and Benny Thomas. He had successful Praise and Worship Concerts, healing and revival crusades in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Many people love the way he leads his team in praise and worship. All RUHA songs and Alwin Thomas songs are available here. It is a one-stop source for all your favorite Tamil Christian songs.

RUAH ministry has the vision to prepare the hearts of the body of Christ through praise and worship; to sow the seed of word and faith in every heart; to wait in prayer and establish God’s kingdom through the works of the Holy Spirit; to build a Christ-oriented church without walls empowering individuals, helping them gain Victory through Jesus Christ in every area of life; to raise disciples across nations, reaping the end-time harvest; to reach the lost and encourage both the young and the old across the globe to develop a love-trust relationship with Jesus.

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