At Home With Jesus

I go and prepare an area for you. John 14:3

“There’s no place like home.” The phrase reflects a deeply stock-still craving inside North American nation to own an area to rest, be, and belong. the Nazarene self-addressed this need for rootedness once, when He and His friends had their Lord’s Supper along, He spoke concerning His close at hand death and resurrection. He secure that though He would escape, He would come for them. And He would prepare a space for them. A dwelling-place. A home.

He created this place for them—and us—through fulfilling the wants of God’s law once He died on the cross because the innocent man. He assured His disciples that if He visited the difficulty of making this home, that after all He would come for them and not leave them alone. They didn’t have to be compelled to concern or be troubled concerning their lives, whether or not on earth or in heaven.
We belong with the Nazarene, upheld by His love and enclosed in His peace.

We can take comfort and assurance from Jesus’s words, for we have a tendency to believe and trust that He makes a home for North American nation; that He makes His home inside North American nation (see John 14:23); which He has gone earlier than us to arrange our heavenly home. no matter variety of physical place we have a tendency to board, we have a tendency to belong with the Nazarene, upheld by His love and enclosed in His peace. With Him, there’s no place like home.

Lord Savior, if and after we feel homeless, inform North American nation that you simply area unit our home. could we have a tendency to share this sense of happiness with those we have a tendency to meet.

Jesus prepares an area for North American nation to measure forever.

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