Exploring the faith of Christianity

Christian faith – the meaning and its origin

Faith derives from the Latin word ‘fides’ which pertains to confidence and trust in a concept, person or thing. In Christianity, it pertains to having confidence and trust in the principles and teachings of Christianity.

The Christian faith is a concept which is not possible to describe in a nutshell or in a few words. It is not visible or is a tangible concept. Christians believe that faith is the belief in the Bible and its teachings. Faith means a complete reverence to God and his power to help humans in the best possible way.

Faith is also a matter of choice to believe. If you choose to believe in Jesus Christ, his teaches and the Bible, you are showcasing faith. Faith has also been defined in the Christian Bible as “being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”. This is mentioned in Hebrews 11:1 of the Bible. Thus, the biblical faith is defined as trust and assurance of man on god that the Almighty will never fail and will fulfill our wishes. It is based not on blind trust. It is believed in the faith of God, which has proved itself, many times.

Faith is not about turning off your brains completely and merely relying upon the heart or emotion. Christian faith is about knowing and seeking the trust on Jesus Christ with all your mind, soul, heart and the strength.

Christian beliefs and faith

Christians believe in the Son of God who was believed to be Jesus Christ and he is regarded as someone who is equal to God. The Christians have stern belief in the following:

  • Jesus Christ has not sinned and he was perfect
  • Jesus Christ was crucified to pay for the sins of humans
  • Jesus Christ rose from the death bed
  • We, humans, are saved by the grace of God and we are thankful to Christ for his sacrifice for humans sins

These beliefs are strongly etched to Christianity, and all versions of Bible mentions them. The Bible says that faith in God, comes from hearing these messages and it is heard through these beliefs and words about Jesus Christ.

The importance of the word ‘faith’ in the Bible

Faith is mentioned various times in the Bible which shows that amount of significance, it has. Faith appears 336 times in the King James Version Bible. The other Bible versions have varied counts. The new international Bible version has the word ‘faith’ mentioned 389 times, and in the New American Standard Bible, it is mentioned 378 times.

Jesus Christ and faith in Christianity

Many people proclaim that they have faith in Jesus Christ. However, most people reject this power of faith and claim that it’s true meaning has been lost. The Biblical verses about the concept of faith are spoken by Jesus Christ and compiled by his disciplines. These commandments give us a clear vision of Jesus Christ’s concept of faith.

1. “Here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God as a result of the faith in Jesus Christ”

This revelation reveals the power that Christian faith holds. Many Christians today refuse to acknowledge the power Christ has bestowed. They proclaim proudly that that are believers of Christ but fail to find the power of true faith in Jesus within them.

2. “Oh, we are all sinners! – no one can keep the commandments!”

All the Christians, throughout the world, have heard this statement, quite a few times. It is indeed the most read statements from the Christian Bible. Every Christian ought to know this statement. However, the problems lie that these statements mix the truth with errors. All of us are indeed sinners as the Bible says, but all sins come shortly to the glory of God. We cannot keep the commandments, but the Bible nowhere mentions that the commandants cannot be with the spirit of God in us. We focus more on ourselves than on Christ. The self-love is indeed getting bigger than the love for God, and it is the root to all sins.

Faith – the power of Christianity

Faith powers Christianity, and everything in a Christian’s life. It is just like air. Without faith, you cannot believe in Christianity.

Everything in a Christian’s life is powered by faith, when there is a lack of obedience or problems with faith in Christianity, the only solution is to strengthen faith for a better life.