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Introduction: “Jesus reached out his hand and touched the person.” Matthew 8:3. This book depicts the journey of Jesus on this earth. During his journey, he delivered many people from their sufferings. He has the power and authority to deliver from all sufferings.

Healing of God from all the sufferings in the cmportal.in – daily inspirational bible verse.

Description: when Jesus completed his teaching in Galilee, he came down from the mountains then many people followed him. Then a man who was suffering from the dreadful disease (leprosy) came to Jesus and said if you are willing to clean me, you can make me clean, then he looked upon him with love in his eyes and said I am willing to clean you. Then immediately, he was delivered from leprosy.

Leprosy is a dreadful skin disease; they should be alone and cry out to be cleaned. In the old testament, if anyone who is suffering from this disease should be worn-torn clothes and face his cover because it is an infectious disease, it may carry to other persons. This man was in a terrible situation because he was isolated from the family and also from the church. This made him feel bad, and there is no hope for his deliverance.

Jesus Will Cleanse The One Who Asks Him With Humbleness In Daily Scripture Today:

In that hopeless situation, he went before Jesus kneeled and asked himself to be cleaned. He knows that Jesus will heal him from all the dreadful diseases.

He confidently, humbly came to Jesus and asked him because he knows that Jesus has the power to heal. He asked for cleaning but not healing. Because if he cleaned from his sins, he could easily heal from his sufferings.

No one will touch the one who is suffering from leprosy, but Jesus touched him and cleansed him from his sins and healed him. In this situation, we can see his compassion towards leprosy. Jesus has the power to cleanse us from all the sins and also deliver us from all the sufferings.

In the above verse, we observe two important characteristics one is the faith of leprosy man and the compassion of Jesus. We should also have a heart of compassion towards the person who is suffering. When we have this compassion, we can easily bring the sinners to Jesus and make them believers. We, too, need to teach the gospel to the lost soul with compassion.

Only the blood of Jesus can cleanse from all the sins and make us righteous. Jesus Christ shed his blood on the cross to make us righteous from all our sins. He has brought us from the darkness and transferred us into the everlasting light. When we confess ourselves before God then only we are cleaned, and we are worthy to enter into the kingdom of God.


Christian Music Portal come up with online daily scripture reading with the most inspiring Bible verse of the day that will make us grow more spiritually in God. If we are suffering from any disease, we might think about whether Jesus will heal or not.

We see people who are healed and also the people who are not healed. We should not see the personal experiences of anyone. We need to have faith in God that He will heal us. We need to look at the cross because he has sacrificed himself for us. He has borne our diseases and gave us deliverance.

If we believe in his truth that he will deliver us, then our sickness will be over. We need to have faith in God, and continuously praying will deliver from all the sickness.Jesus has the power to clean us not only from the sins but also from the diseases. If we ask him like a leper, he will come and cleanse us.

If we confess our sins, then he will be faithful and make us righteous because he had paid the price of our sins on the cross by his blood. Sometimes the sufferings make us draw close to God’s heart to give his salvation. He will show unconditional love towards us. We need to show the same love to others and have a heart of compassion.

Father Lord Almighty, deliver us from all my sufferings and cleanse me from all the sins and make me righteous. I pray, Amen.

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