palm sunday

Palm Sunday:

Palm a symbol of victory and goodness. The name Palm Sunday says it all. It is the last Sunday before the crucifixion of Lord Jesus Christ. Palm Sunday is a day of celebration of victory or the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ in the place called Jerusalem. Jesus Christ had been travelling to many places with people reciting different hymns, prayers, sermons and preaching. It marks open the beginning of Holy week. The atmosphere so created out of faith was as such that people in that place only chanted the following line, “Blessed is he that comes in the name of Lord”. You can just imagine the scenario and the excitement and happiness level they were at. But somewhere deep inside Lord Jesus Christ wept for the people in Jerusalem, for he knew the people who are praising him now are soon going to betray him.

Why did Jesus ride a donkey on Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday which is considered as beginning of new holy week. It was celebration of Victorian entry of Jesus in Jerusalem. While entering Jesus Christ orders two of his disciples to get a donkey which they will find him tied at some distance apart and instructed him if the owner do not agree just say God needs it. As instructed by Jesus the two disciples get the donkey with a clot. He rides on the donkey’s back and enters Jerusalem. He does this to show as a mark of humble entry with peace rather than entering on horse. He showed a great respect and greeted the sheer crowd welcoming him.

What kind of palms is used for Palm Sunday?

While entering on the donkeys back in the place of Jerusalem the people spread cloths and palm leaves as a tribute and respect towards the Lord Jesus Christ. In those days placing the palm leaves on the way when some highly recognized and loved person passes is a tradition and way of greeting and paying respect to them. It is always asked which type of palm leaf to be used, it is always preferably used the leaves of shorter palm trees called as Chamaedorea tree.

Palm Sunday celebration:

On this very holy Sunday, people were full of enthusiasm and showering love and paying respect to Lord Jesus Christ. There were different songs sang on that day now known as Palm Sunday worship songs and different lyrics and scriptures store in for this day. The place was full of happy people and everybody was just engrossed in next level of happiness celebrating the triumphal entry of the beloved Lord Jesus Christ. In the present scenario on every Palm Sunday people carry palm or any leaf to church and pray and sing Palm Sunday songs for Lord Jesus Christ. It may also interest you to know that the palms which are used is considered holy and so cannot be discarded and for their rightful use they make it into ash and used in the church to make cross on their forehead as a symbol of purity and victory.

So this Palm Sunday makes a meaningful one. CM Portal wishes all its readers a happy Palm Sunday.