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Yesanna is a famous servant of God. He wrote Jesus bro yesanna songs hosanna songs mp3 download. He is the founder of Hosanna ministry in Andhra Pradesh. He was chosen and was anointed by God.

Bro. Yesanna (born in 1947; Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh) is a well-known preacher, pastor, singer, and lyricist. A bishop prophesied that he ( Yesaana) would become a great man of God yet he led a tragic life in the young age as he was possessed by demonic spirits at the age of 10 and for seven years in the streets of Nellore as a mad man, vomiting blood, sleeping on railway platforms, streets and led a miserable life.

Due to this, the education was terminated after Sixth grade as he was without a proper conscious mind.

But, on February 15th, 1964, things changed for the better for Yesanna as he walked into a Christian Cottage meeting place without knowing and listened to worship songs. While he was going home at 11 pm, a very bright light shone on him and he saw the face of Lord Jesus Christ in that dazzling light and got healed.

He went back home after seven years with a sound mind. Jesus Christ cured and used him mightily to spread spirituality in the world.

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Bro. Yesanna had endeared himself to people belonging to all ages and especially popular among youngsters. He established hosanna ministries 2020 mp3 songs free download in Gorantla.

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