The best powerful inspirational god quotes about life and love

Every day in life doesn’t remain the same. Some days we may feel great satisfaction while the next day may be full of sorrow and the next may come with a new hope for the better future ahead. In simple words, life isn’t stable and there may be many occasions when we may feel hard to feel close to God. On such days, it is possible to stand on things that we know about him, things that we’ve read in scripture from our brothers and sisters in Christ. The inspiring god quotes about love give us the new hope of life, making it easier to survive in the toughest situations.

God quotes about God’s love

The best god quotes about life remind us that he is the Father, he loves, and he is the Creator of the universe. And he will love us not just while we are living on this earth, but also when we meet him in heaven. The best god quotes and sayings encourage our belief that he redeems us and saves us, no matter how tough are the conditions. He’s the triune God. He reigns, forever.

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Not just these quotes help us stay and feel closer to him, but also remind us everything about us. This is why CM Portal brings to you the best god quotes about life and love to help you stay positive in life even during the tough times.


According to the sayings, Joshua had God’s blessing on him, but more than that, the almighty Jesus gave him the encouragement that there would never be a time when God will not be with him. This is the same feeling that we all get from the best word of god quotes as they are prepared by those who have a strong belief on God and have been studying the human behaviors for long times. Remember those words “Be strong and courageous.” Quotes like this remind us that God will be there in every condition of life. So, even when you feel that there is no one with you, there’s no need to be dismayed or frightened.

The Best God quotes about life and love


Of course, we all know that the almighty God will be there with us every moment of life, but there come some events when we need someone or something to remind us that He loves us. And the wisdom of god quotes do exactly that for us. The famous quotes from the renowned people help us stay positive in life with the belief that we have the support of God and we have his strength with us all the times. Focus on Christ and His strength, and we can do all things that are in His will.

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You must agree that there are moments that we become too negative that our belief in Jesus also starts to weaken. The best powerful inspirational quotes serve as the great support to our strength and belief that the almighty God is always there and he is going to be there every time with us. No matter where you are or how tough is the situation, God is always there with you. Even in the Bible, it is mentioned that when Jesus went back to the Father, He told His disciples that He would be with them by telling them, “I am with you always, to the end of the age”.

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At CM Portal, we are always looking for the best religious inspirational quotes for strength to ensure you always have the strength and support of the almighty God so you stay free from all the worries of life.