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Worship songs playlist for labor and delivery

The birthing songs are the little pieces of musical magic that you create for your unborn baby. These labor songs offer a great opportunity for to-be parents to dramatically improve their baby’s life and the future of their family’s relationships by using the Womb Song. And it’s also been proven by the researchers that music is a great way to ease anxiety and stay relaxed during the most beautiful time of your life.

Playlist for labor and delivery

At CM Portal, we understand the stress and anxiety one undergoes during the pregnancy period, which is why we bring to you the best funny birthing songs available online, each of them is specially picked by the top singers from across the world. So, whether you need some funny birthing songs to make you laugh, chill you out, or just need something to make a better and stronger connection with your to-be born baby, CM Portal has something for you as we aim to make beautiful things even amazing.

Labor songs playlist for christ centered birth

Compiling a playlist of the best labor songs is also a great way for dads-to-be to get involved in the labor process. It does not just helps you make your loved ones feel relaxed, but also let you enjoy a fun activity while your wife undergoes the labor process. Preparing a playlist of the best Christian birth affirmations can also be a really thoughtful gesture, which helps you support your partner in being brave the birthing of your child with a little song and a smile.

The list of beautiful Christ cantered Christmas songs playlists

Make the Perfect Birthing Playlist Here

Whether it’s for your partner or someone else whom you care for, creating a playlist for labor and delivery with CM Portal is the easiest way possible as we have the collection of the best songs online. This is why we have collected some of the best birthing songs for various purposes.

Playlist of the best Christian birth affirmations

Funny labor songs

This category of birthing songs at CM Portal includes some of the top ones that come with a bit of humor to help you keep your morale up, distract and keep a bit of laughter flowing to ease the pain. These songs not just help you laugh, but also ease the pain as laughing releases endorphins that help us feel better. Our list of the top funny birthing songs may be the best gift for your loved ones during their pregnancy period.

Best funny birthing songs

Most relaxing songs

This is another list available at CM Portal that lets you stay relaxed and calm during the pain and tough times of your pregnancy period. After all, keeping relaxed is the best way to getting through labor. And it’s even more helpful during those initial contractions where a little bit of fear and anxiety may be bubbling up in your mind. And our playlist for labor and delivery also includes some scientifically-proven songs to give serenity.

Beautiful most relaxing songs playlist

The Happy Songs

During the pregnancy period, it is very important for the mothers to stay relaxed and happy and this is why our list of the best labor songs is aimed to help to-be mothers stay relaxed and feel the happiness from inside. In addition to make you laughing, these sings also fill you with that warm fuzzy feeling of love and hope, which may prove great for labor.

The finale of pregnancy time is going to need some oomph, both from mum and dad. And our list of the best birthing songs serves as your guide and your supporting during the tough time. They will help you feel the relaxed and happy soul while making your baby healthy and relaxed too.

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