Lucifer – The Story Of A Fallen Angel

Beauty, intelligence, power and position are great thing and we all want them. However, when these things become the obsession and when you start to feel yourself as above everyone else because you have the beauty, intelligence, power and position, you turn into a Satan. And this is what lead to turn an angel into a Satan – Lucifer.

Lucifer in the Bible has been the most mysterious part as he turns into a devil even while he was born as an angel whom god loved from all his heart. Following the mystery many people still wonder ‘Who is Lucifer in the Bible?’ and many are curious about knowing the story of Lucifer.

Story of Lucifer

Story of Lucifer Angel

To find the origin of Lucifer and to know everything about him, we turn to the Old Testament. The name, Lucifer, means ‘day star,’ or brightness.’ According to the holy Bibe, Lucifer is just another for Satan, who as head of the evil world-system is the real power behind the successive rulers of Tyre and all of evil rulers.

Lucifer – The Shining One

The Bible records that God actually created a powerful and intelligent angelic being called Lucifer and that he was very good. He was the most beautiful, intelligent and powerful angel of God ever created. But, the one thing that lead to the dawn of Lucifer was that her had a will with which he could freely choose. He had a choice – accept that God was God or decide that he would be god unto himself. And he chose to defy God and declared himself to be ‘Most High’.

Why? It was all because of his pride to be the most intelligent, beautiful and powerful. It all lead him to pride, which then led to his rebellion and fall, but he never lost any of his power and traits. This pride represents the actual beginning of sin in the universe. Following his pride, Lucifer angel lead a cosmic revolt against his Creator to see who will be God. He wanted the mankind to join him and he tried to do this by tempting to succumb to the same choice that he made – to love themselves and defy God. After all, the heart and the will of Adam were the same as like Lucifer’s; it was just arrayed with a different garb. So, the Adam and Lucifer chose to be ‘god’ to themselves. This was (and is) the ultimate ‘god delusion’.

Why did Lucifer revolt against God?

Lucifer was one of the God’s best creations, but why would he want to defy his own creator and usurp the rule of the holy Lord? According to Lucifer in the bible, an important aspect of being ‘smart’ is to know whether or not you can defeat a potential opponent. Lucifer Angel had power, but he was not as powerful as his creator. So why risk all and go for something he could not win?

Who is lucifer in the bible

May be because he failed to recognise his limitations pitted against Omniscience & Omnipotence combined. But, since he was smart enough to understand everything around the world, why he couldn’t understand his own limitations? This question puzzled me for many years.

According to the story of angels of battle, Lucifer may have failed to come to the conclusion that God was His omnipotent Creator by faith. He failed to understand that the almighty God is above all and the most powerful of everyone else in the universe.

The story of Lucifer may be a bit confusion, but CM Portal aims to make it understandable for every individual who has a faith on the jesus.