Rajulaku raju putte annayya telugu Christmas song

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Rajulaku Raju Puttenayya (2)
Raare Chuda Manamelluda Mannayya (2)

Verse 1
Yudayane Deshamandannaya (2)
Yudulaku Goppa Raaju Puttenayya (2)

Verse 2
Pashuvula Paakalonannayya (2)
Shishuvu Putte Chuda Randannayya (2)

Verse 3
Taaran Juchi Turpu Gnanulannayya (2)
Taralinare Bethlehemannayya (2)

Verse 4
Bangaramu Sambranu Bolamannayya (2)
Baaguganu Yesu Kichirannayya (2)

Verse 5
Aadudamu Paadudamannayya (2)
Vedukalo Manam Vedudhamannayya (2)

Source from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvBw8nIe_PE