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The three sisters are named as Sharon sisters. His father was ch. Solomon Raju was a pastor. His mother was named Elizabeth Rani. They lived in Amalapuram for church ministry and they shifted to Surya pet in Telangana. They also have a brother who is handicapped. The three Sharon Sisters Songs named Sharon, Lillian, Hana. From their childhood, they started to sing the songs. They also practiced in playing musical instruments. They recorded many albums with great singers in India. Their music was a few 80s but the songs were pleasant to listen to and also very professional.

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Many people were familiar with Sharon sisters and they love the songs of them. So on the demands and needs of the customers, we uploaded the albums of Sharon sisters. Their albums were chirakala sneham, chirakala snehithuda, Aasha Teera, Prema kaligi, prabhuva nee kaaryamulu. When you listen to the songs of Sharon sisters you will be overwhelmed feel the presence of the lord. The three sisters were married to pastors and they started preaching the word of God.

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Chirakala sneham is one of the most viewed and all-time favorite songs of all Telugu Christians. We have Hana Joyce’s most favorite songs and Sharon sisters hit albums and songs. You can come to our page and listen to the songs. You can also download them for free. We also have yesu devuni Sharon sister song lyrics so that you can understand the meaning of the song and learn the song. Hits song of Sharon sisters are premake prathiroopam yessaya song, Prabhu sannidhilo songs are available on our page. is the best site that has a huge collection of Telugu Christian songs of Sharon sisters. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and relatives. Stay tuned with our page to enjoy much more music.

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