Shichida Method – How to Use Flash Cards the Right Way


According to Shichida, both the right and the left brain are interconnected. Flash cards help improve both sides of the brain at the same time. It is important to use it the right way.

Here are some things I do with my daughter when using flash cards in the Shichida way:

Flash card 2 – 3 sessions per day. Cover different topics. Take the card from the back and front. Flash slightly higher than your child’s eye level. Hold flash cards at arm’s length from the child. Blink the picture and say the words at the same time. Do not flash the same cards twice in a row. Make sure each card has a title. Flash 1 card per Seconds and slowly increase speed every time you exercise.

Start with 100 cards during the first month. Increase to 250 and then slowly reach 1000 cards.

When you view the picture and read the word at the same time, you connect your child’s left and right brain.

The left brain processes sounds and language, while the right brain processes images and images. Flashing cards allow you to develop and strengthen your child’s left and right brain at the same time. When using flash cards with my daughter, she is usually unable to sit still for a long time.

If your child is unable to focus, take a break and flash the cards later. According to Shichida, a child is able to absorb better when relaxed.

It is important that your child has fun. This way, your child will be willing to make flashing cards a part of their daily routine as it will be the same as playing time.

Learning takes time and you should not rush the process or expect immediate results.

Stick to the routine and be patient with your child.

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