This is how you develop trust in the Lord


Trusting the Lord is the key to victory in all areas of life. God wants to give us help and wisdom for every decision we need to make. And life is a series of choices. We must each decide to believe and do the things that please God and are beneficial to ourselves, our families, and to those who need our help and influence as we move on with the journey of life, step by step.

Developing trust in God will only happen if you live by His precious words and meditate in what the Holy Spirit gives you understanding and enlightenment. By reading his words you will come to understand as never before, the Father’s intense love for you and grow in your faith and trust in Him to raise you above any storm with wings like an eagle.

Proverbs 3: 5-6, (King James Version of the Bible) says,

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not read to your own understanding:

Recognize him in all your ways and he must guide your paths. “

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word trust means to depend on. It also means trusting and sticking to.

This particular verse in Scripture is the real premise upon which we must build our lives. God is all-knowing, all-seeing, and almighty. We should never aim to make a move without him. Trusting Him means that we value His knowledge and wisdom over our own. This means that we recognize our helpless condition without His guidance.

We need God. And He wants us to acknowledge our need for Him, because when we do, we give Him access to our affairs. God deeply wants to be closely involved in our lives. He loves us. And he wants us to love him. He wants us and he wants us to want him.

He is full of the wisdom and answers we need every day. For every problem there is a solution. He has the solution. And he is more than willing to give these answers to us that we can rise above the circumstances and situations we face. We must learn to trust him.

But how can we trust God? Is trust automatic or can we learn to do it?

Trust is a force that can be developed through fellowship with God, knowledge and practice. Think about it. How does trust develop with another person? By spending time with him or her, getting to know the person and learning how to take them at their word. If the person constantly broke his word, our confidence in him or her waits. If he or she constantly refuses to keep his or her word, we realize that this person cannot be trusted. If the person keeps his word, we consider this person worthy of our trust and rely more and more on them. For most, if not all, trust is everything.

God can be trusted. And the more we interact with Him daily through His Word and prayer and by practicing His Presence, sharing our hearts and concerns with Him and obeying His wisdom, the more we will see that the greatest failure we can do in our lives is not just failing in circumstances or situations, but rather failing to acknowledge and trust Him to give us the answers that are appropriate to the problem. Think about it: every answer we need, he is more than willing to give us. We just need to ask him and when he gives us his advice, direction and plan through his word, it does. Obedience to his wisdom gives us the victory in the situation, but also does something else. It develops our trust in God more and more, which brings us closer to Him in our experience. This brings us to greater levels and dimensions of fellowship and friendship with God. We literally go with him. Oh, what a joy and true peace.

So spend time daily with God. Talk to him and learn to be a practitioner of his words, and trust him to do what he has promised. He is faithful.