Jesus christ power to make clean: Daily Blessing scripture

Jesus reached out his hand and touched the person. Luke 5:13. The gospel of luke is written by luke. It is the new testament book. It gives the details of Jesus christ’s birth, ministry, death, resurrection.

Know the wonder-working power of Jesus Christ in the – daily Bible reading

When Jesus was in a city, then a man who was suffering from a dreadful disease that is leprosy he came to Jesus and fell on his face and asked him, Lord, if you are willing to clean me now. Then the Lord put his hand on him and touched him by saying be cleaned and immediately leprosy has left him.

The man was suffering from leprosy was not asking about the healing, but he was asking about cleanse him from all the sins. He submitted himself to God’s will whether he will clean or not. Jesus showed his compassion and love towards the leper and healed him.

In mark 9:22-24 says all things are possible for the one who believes in God. Nothing is impossible for the one who believes in him. The man suffering from leprosy was believed in God. So he humbled himself before God and asked to cleanse him.

Jesus gave himself for the church to make her holy in daily verse of the day:

Jesus has the power to make everyone clean from the sins because he has offered himself as the perfect sacrifice to the who are unclean. When we trust in him and believe that he is our saviour, then he will make us clean. He gave sufficient grace and mercy to save us from the sinners.

Ephesians 5:25-27 says that Jesus Christ loved the church, so he himself as a sacrifice to make the church holy and cleansing the church through the word of God and present as a glorious church without any stains and blemish. He wants the church to be holy and blameless.

The blood Jesus christ purifies the sins in the word of God today from the bible:

In 1 John 1:5-9 tells God is the light, and there is no darkness in him. When we walk in the light of him because he was light, and the blood of him will purify us from all sin and make righteous. When we are willing to confess our sins, he is faithful and forgives our sins and makes us righteousness. So the leper asked him to cleanse his sins.

What qualities needed to enter into heaven in biblical verse for today:

In revelation, 21:27 says that nothing impure will never into the gates of heaven and the one who does the shameful things. Only the names which are written in the Lamb’s book of life will enter into heaven. Jesus is the only has the power to make everyone clean for heaven.

In psalms, 91:15 says when we call to him, he will answer, and he will be with us in our troubles and rescue and honour us. In Ezekiel 36:29 says he will deliver us from all the uncleannesses. He will sprinkle clean water so that we shall be clean from uncleanness.


Christian Music Portal comes up with online daily scripture reading with the most inspiring Bible verse of the day that will make us grow more spiritually in God. Like, leper, we are also full of sin, so we need to come to him to cleanse our sins. We need to believe because he has the power to make us righteous.

When our situation is hopeless apart from Christ, when we believe in him, he is faithful and forgives sins, and we are worthy of entry into heaven. We need to have humility like a leper. He asked Jesus, Christ, to clean him. So we need to pray personally with him to make us clean. He is full of mercy so that he will cleanse us.

When we call him in times of distress, he will be with us in our troubles and rescue us from all the situations and honour us.

Father Lord Almighty, Thank you, God, for the wonder-working power. Clean my sins with your power and make me righteous. I pray, Amen.

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