Thank You Lord For All My Success

O Lord, most loving father,
Thank You for Your guidance
For the knowledge You’ve given me
On the day of my examination.
Thank You for making me pass the exam.
I have faith in You from the very start,
You’d be my best teacher ever.

I know I couldn’t pass the test
Without Your support.
I know I wouldn’t be happy today
If I were not prepared that day.
I know for I always feel
Your presence everyday.

My God, My Savior Jesus,
What life would it be
If You’re not by my side?
What would be my future
If You never lead me the way?
What’s the worth of my life
If I am not with You?

I believe in myself
Because I have a strong faith in You.
I have performed well on the day of my examination
Because You have cleared my mind
From any doubts and anxieties.
I have conquered my fear to speak
In front of the interviewer
Because You have told me
Not to be afraid of anything.

Thank You Lord Jesus
All these I solemnly pray to You.