thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving is a national festival and national holiday in USA, Canada and other few places. It is usually celebrated on every fourth Thursday of November month. So that people can enjoy and celebrate the long weekend and cherish to the fullest. This week is celebrated with full pomp and show everywhere. People meet their loved once, families, friends and eat together and spend quality time. There is a special type food usually eaten on these days that is the turkey, stuffed potatoes, pumpkin pie, different sauce and cranberry juice. This food is generally one of the basic foods eaten by everyone in this festival. People greet each other and thank them for every deeds and good things in life. There are different competitions held, football games, and processions held making the streets busy. Sometimes the processions are held to inaugurate the Christmas shopping festivals where everything you get at comparatively better price. Everybody usually prefers to shop during this period of time. People also travel and usually go on road trips for vacations. All the educational institutions, working places are seemingly closed for everyone to have enjoyed the weekend. It is the most gala time celebrated in the year.

History of Thanks giving:

Thanks giving were first noticeably seen in Texas in 1598, in the city of El Paso. Eventually it was started in the northern parts of America and later spread all over the parts of America. The origination of Thanks giving started with the celebration of harvest festival observed by the pilgrims at Plymouth; it is also a celebration of triumph over drought because of unexpected rains. To generalize in one sentence it is celebration of all good harvest and good things happened in the past year and is celebrated annually to show and pay gratitude towards it.

The real history of thanks giving is it started to celebrate the first successful pilgrim’s first corn and Governor William Bradford organized a big feast to celebrate this success which lasted up to three days. They might not have used this word Thanksgiving but traits were all same.

Thanksgiving history facts:

There are many interesting facts related to thanks giving like the Turkey dish was not in the, menu when thanks giving were first celebrated. The first thanks giving was celebrated in 1621 in joy of harvest reaped by the Plymouth colony after the dark winter and the other major reason for its celebration was also when there were rains and there was end of droughts. You may also interest to know that there is count of around 46 million Turkey eaten alone by Americans in the thanksgiving. Also that every year president of America pardons a Turkey. Thanks giving history of holiday is evidently increasing; people prefer to go on vacations or travel to their families to enjoy and refresh them and spend quality time. It is not just a holiday but whole lot of celebration brought together.

This thanks giving make the best use and don’t miss to thank your loved once. Enjoy shopping and participate in the games, travel and spend more time with your family and friends. Don’t forget to thank for all the good things happened to you in the past year. Greetings from CM Portal!