The History of Christmas

Christmas is one amongst the foremost-celebrated (the history of Christmas) festivals across the world. It is not just a sacred religious holiday but also is a worldwide cultural and commercial phenomenon. Christians will celebrate it as the anniversary of Jesus birth who is a spiritual leader and whom millions of believers follow his principles

The real history of Christmas

According to ancient history and the New Testament, it is said that Christ was born to Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. Although, the date and month of Jesus Christ were not known, during the time of early-to-mid fourth century, the western Church has announced that December 25 is the date of Christ Jesus birthday. Today, the majority of the Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25.

It is a strong belief that Christ has come to the world as a human being to atone the sins of humanity than it looks like the birth of Jesus Christ (Christmas history). This is what people consider December 25 than celebrating mere Christmas.

The celebration of Christmas includes sharing gifts, singing songs, decorating Christmas trees, giving greeting cards and Christmas crackers and etc. Especially, Santa Claus brings gifts to children during the Christmas history. the history of Christmas is a significant event for business people to increase their sales. Christmas tree history is taken from Middle English Christmases. As per the records, it is recorded first in 1038. All over the world, Christmas is celebrated in different ways.

On Christmas Day, Christians go to church and participate in singing songs and dance programs. Sharing the love and distributing gifts are a very common.