The Precious gift: Bible Verse

Introduction: Every wise and superb present is from over. James 1:17. James writes the book of James. He was a servant of God. In this chapter, he is telling greetings to the 12 tribes by writing a letter. His work is to spread the word of God to many countries. Jacob is the brother of Jesus Christ. Find now Daily bible verse with the explanation on daily inspirational bible quotes.

Description: James is writing a letter to one of the local churches, and he is addressing the specific problems. He is mainly teaching wisdom to the community and the church. The gift given by anyone shows their love towards us. The gift given by God is always a good gift. He gives to encourage us more spiritually. The generous gift presented by God is given from heaven; it is not a worldly gift.

When we are born again in the Lord, then he will give us a gift. It comes by asking the Lord. Once we receive the gift, we can walk in both good and wrong ways. Once we receive the gift, we need to receive the fruit. The will of God is to know him to ask and receive the gift and develop the fruit. Every gifted man should have the zeal to develop the fruit of righteousness. Don’t ignore developing the fruit. Without the fruit, no man can enter into heaven. The word of God develops the fruit. He is the giver of all wise gifts.

God’s will is not for destruction, and it is for encouragement. If we are in trouble, we need to have patience and do perfect work so that we lack nothing. If we lack wisdom ask God, He will grant us liberally. But every man should ask in faith without wavering. But no man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord.

Don’t deceive yourself because the people who get the gifts they think that they got it by their power. Every good gift and perfect gift is received from the above by the father he doesn’t change the gifts as shifting shadows. He has begotten us by the word of truth, and his will was to be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures.

The gifts we can ask God are wisdom, gifts of salvation, gits of riches, fruits of spirits, gifts of eternal life, the gift of prophecy. If we have humility, God will provide the above gifts. We need to pray about our weaknesses, righteousness, holiness, humility.

In the books of psalms, chapter 85:12 says that God shall provide only good things and increase our yield. In the book of John chapter 3:27, he says that a man can receive nothing unless God gives it from heaven. So all the precious gifts are from heaven.

In Romans chapter 8:28 those who love God; all things work together for good according to the purpose he has been called.

Conclusion: Christian Music Portal come up with daily online inspirational bible verses that will make us grow more spiritually in God. The above daily bible verse with the explanation article is decoding about precious gifts are given by God come from heaven. When we read the word of God and pray continuously, God will give us a precious gift.

God knows everything that to present us. When we receive the gift, we need to ask God to develop the fruit. Humility is the character we need to have to receive the gifts. We should pray for the weaknesses that are troubling us and also for the wisdom to activate the gift in our lives.

Father God almighty, grant us wisdom, humility to receive the precious gifts that come from heaven.

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