Always listening: Bible Verse

Introduction: The Lord regards all WHO invoke him, to all or any WHO invoke him indeed. Psalm 145:18. The psalms comprise of songs, hymns, verses written by David. It is the old testament book in the bible. David is the prophet who worships God all the time. This chapter specifically tells about how David is worshipping God with all of his heart.

Description: David is the person who worships the Lord with his heart. Every day he praises and worships God. He praises God by saying you are Lord of majesty who does mighty acts. His name shall be great. The Lord is gracious, compassion, full of mercy, slow to anger. He is good to everyone, whoever walks in his ways. Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. Everyone will speak about the glory of his kingdom and his power.

David always has a thanksgiving heart because God has done miracle acts to him, and he believed him more. He is the one who raises the one who falls and raises the one who bows down. He is the one who satisfies the desires of every living thing. He is righteous and holy in all his works. He will satisfy the desires of those who fear him. The Lord is close to us to those who call upon him, and surely he will answer our prayers.

Knowing the Lord and learning about this God is an amazing thing in this world because when we hold on to Jesus, we will never make us go down. He is near to us for sure he will answer our prayers. He will also hear our cry and save us from all the distractions we face. The one who loves God will be preserved by him, and he will destroy the wicked people.

God never leaves the one who prays to him, the one who confesses him he will be forever at their side. We need to love God with all our heart like David. In psalms, 91:15 says who shall call upon his name, and he will deliver us and help in our troubles.

In the book of daniel 9:20, when daniel was praying to God, he sent an angel to answer him about his request.

In the book of psalms, chapter 94:9 says, “The one who created our ears will surely listen to our prayers.” we need to have faith, believe in him more, leading a holy and righteous life, right trust makes him stay beside us to hear our prayers.

In the book of Nehemiah chapter 2:2- 4, the verse says that he was sad because the conquered town of his ancestors was destroyed, and the gates are consumed with fire. He was saying this to the king, and then the king asked him what request you did? Then Nehemiah said I have prayed to the God of heaven. God answered his prayer and helped him.

Conclusion: Christian Music Portal come up with online daily bible verse with the most inspiring Bible verse of the day that will make us grow more spiritually in God. If we have a strong relationship with him makes the bond stronger and hears our prayers. We need to pray daily and give thanksgiving to Him as David did; this makes Lord hear our prayers. We need to lead a right life, holy and righteous. If we have these qualities, he will stay beside us and answer our prayers and help in our troubles. God listens to our little voice and answers our prayers.

Father God Almighty, listen to my prayers and answers them and make me a righteous man. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we pray Amen.

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