The “WHY” Of It All

He carried His cross despising the shame
To the place of the skull, Golgotha by name
And there with two thieves, His friends’ hopes all lost,
Was man’s greatest error now hung on a cross

He held back His power, His glory was veiled
He silenced His tongue as accusations were railed
He submitted His body to torture and pain
And saw through it all a glorious gain

Oh what sight could hold Him, this King of all Kings
What glory awaited that only shame brings?

The One who spoke galaxies, wisdom and life
Laid aside all His power without any strife
And WHY would He do it? The question looms large
Accept accusations, absorb every charge

The smoke finally clears as the veil rips away
And eyes filled with tears see truth bright as day
Humbled and willing I bow to my knee
Jesus! Oh Jesus! You did it for me…..