There Was A Time

A time in a season, an epoch in history,
foot prints on mash soil.
The air rose, the sea wave dances the unusual,
and then came the ever scorching sun.

A flip in life one will never wish to see,
a time man will run from with all at his disposal.
Imagine yourself in such a situation.
At time the body cries for its rest,
the soul for its liberation.

But this MAN stood over 2000 years and hoped.
Is this love or hate?
Death was definitely sure
and you called it a sacrifice for love?

Some say love is blind, what do you think?
Yet no!! Love sees.
Just that sacrifices are made;
the waves, the scorching sun,
the hurricanes, the disliked – might all be faced.

And the body must let go,
the spirit must yearn for
and the self thrown aside.
Surly, the world is blind, not love.

For this is love, JESUS died for you and me; there was a time…
Now is our time to carry on; a time to love, a time to share
A time to bless, a time to treat oneself as though less important,
Then see this; a time of peace and tranquility!!