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Jesus is our God, our caretaker and healer who takes care of everyone, regardless of our religion, nationality or colour. No matter how much you thank him for his blessings on us, it is always less. However, following the changing times, the way we Top 10 Christian Songs About Jesus to Jesus has also changed, but it’s important to note that our belief in the almighty God is still the same as before.

1. Chris brown forever song

Today, one of the most common ways to show gratitude to God while worshiping him is by listening to the new christian music. Today, you have the option to listen to the contemporary christian music and tune to the beat of the best rock band. Here you get the latest collection of songs about god to let you feel closer to the almighty God and give your mind a relaxed environment. And our songs consist of the best ones from global singers, available in English and many other languages.

2. What a beautiful name it is hillsong

So, if you are looking for the top contemporary christian songs online, this is the right choice you can make to browse through our range of christian worship music online or simply click on the list of top 10 songs about Jesus where you get the finest range of the top christian songs about jess that has been listened and recommended by the people like you.

3. David Crowder Band: jesus lead me to your healing waters song

With CMPortal, you can now access to different Christian songs online easily with a single click and download free Christian songs. We provide these songs in MP3 format to help you curb the storage needs.

4. Healer kari jobe song download

Wondering how we do it? We are always on the hunt for best singers across the world, who are involved in singing songs about God to help you stay closer to the God and then we listen to them ourselves to ensure each one published on our website is just what you are looking for. Our collection of Jesus worship songs top contemporary christian songs, make the best of therapy to let you rejoice yourself and move on the beat of a rock band of Christian music.

5. Break every chain song download

And we make sure that there is something new every time you make way to our portal where you have the opportunity to praise your lord with various christian music in your own language, thereby feeling closer to the almighty God.

6. Rita Springer: this blood song

In addition to the option to download the todays christian music, we also provide you the complete information regarding the song, its singer, music director, release company and a lot more so you are able to find the best songs of the same singer that you love to hear.

7. Cornerstone hillsong worship song

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At CM Portal, we pride ourselves in having the list of top contemporary christian songs, available in almost every language, because we believe that language shall never be a barrier when you worship the holy God. This is why our list of the best songs lets you listen to God to stay and feel closer to him, regardless of what language you understand.

8. Jesus built my hotrod song

If you have still now browsed our list of the top top contemporary christian songs, don’t forget to download these songs now and enjoy listening to them with your loved ones or while you are alone. And if you’ve still not tried our collection, then you may try and download them all with the free Christian songs downloader website.

9. John Mellencamp: when jesus left birmingham song

For more gospel and Jesus worship songs, keep visiting us again as we always keep adding something new to our collection.

10. The Doobie Brothers: jesus is just alright song