Bible verses about confidence

It’s is so easy to become disappointed because we don’t see life going the way we want and we don’t see God is working through everything in us a character like Jesus Christ.

We lose confidence in trusting the lord and begin to trust in ourselves.

Pride and arrogance takes over quick and we find ourselves in forgetting the goodness and grace of God.

God’s word is filled with promises of strength and courage if we place our confidence in Jesus Christ.

The below bible verses about having confidence brings your courage and strength through the love of God.

Be determined and confident bible verses

Hebrews 4:16
1 john 4:17
1 john5 :14
2 chronicles 32:8
Ephesians 3:12
Isaiah 32:17
Jeremiah 17:7
Nehemiah 6:16
Philliphians 1:6
Proverbs 3:32

Examples of confidence in the bible

Bible verses about confidence