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Introduction: Each of you must provide what you have got determined in your heart to offer, not reluctantly or under compulsion. 2 Corinthians 9:7. The book of Corinthians is a letter from paul. In this book, the key personalities are Apostle paul, Titus, Timothy. Paul wrote this letter to the church of Corinth to protect His Apostleship and to defend, to teach, to warn the false preachers who were spreading false teachings.

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Description: Paul is preaching the word of God to the corinthians and explaining the greatness of Macedonia that they are blessed by giving liberally to God. And he is motivating them to give liberally at the time of lack so that God will bless them abundantly.

The offerings which we give to God should be more precious and what we treasure the most. Even though Macedonia are poor people, they gave liberally to God, and the Lord blessed them. Paul was very happy to see the Macedonia people as they are giving to God liberally at the time of lack.

If we give to God at times of lack, then it seems that we believe more in God. A poor man’s giving will bring money from the cross. We need to give liberally without grudges then it is added blessing to what we receive.god loves the one who gives cheerfully to God .we need to prepare what to give to God. Giving makes us righteous forever.

Giving is the key to blessing. If we sow sparingly we will reap sparingly if we sow bountifully then we will reap as bountiful. When we give wholeheartedly, then that is a true love towards God. Giving shows that we love God and have faith in him. Many prophets in the Bible like Abraham, David.Solomon, Job. They were blessed abundantly because they gave to God cheerfully and wholeheartedly.

Many people don’t offer to God. But it is compulsory to give to the Lord because Lord Father, he gave his only begotten son to us, whom he loved the most, so we need to give to the Lord what we love the most. Giving should be independent and cheerful. God loves the desired heart in doing good services.

In Genesis, chapter 22 says that God asked Abraham to give his only son as a sacrifice. But Abraham never refused to the word of God without hesitation; he took his son to sacrifice to God. God didn’t take his sacrifice because he tested Abraham whether he will give his son or not. From that day, he promised that He would bless the generations of Abraham.
When we give liberally, God will be able to show his grace on us and helping us to give sufficiency in all things and make our generations bless abundantly.

Conclusion: Christian Music Portal come up with daily inspirational bible verses that will make us grow more spiritually in God. Giving is the key to blessing.we need to give liberally to God. So that God will bless us abundantly. He loves a cheerful giver.we should not behave like greedy. If we give abundantly to God, then he gives us plenty so that we can bless others by giving to them whenever they are in need. God makes our hands as helping hands to others. We need to prepare in our hearts what to sow to God.

Lord, our heavenly Father, grant me to give liberally without any grudging like Macedonia people. Bless me, abundantly. In the name of Jesus Christ Nazareth, we pray Amen.

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