Don’t give up: Bible verse

Introduction: Let us not become weary in doing sensible, for, at the correct time, we are going to reap a harvest if we tend to don’t hand over. Galatians 6:9. Today verse of the day explaining about don’t give up at the time of troubles. He is preaching the word of God to the Galatians church. In this article, we will learn about doing good works.

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Description: Paul speaks to the Galatian church to whoever does the faults, the spiritual men in the church should not condemn them and teach them to walk in good ways. We need to teach them humility. We need to bear the burdens of one another to fulfill the law of Christ.

Every man should put evidence on his works so that he will have rejoicing on his works alone. We need to teach the word of God with good deeds. We need to sow good tithes to the one who shares the word of God. Don’t deceive ourselves, and God will never be mocked. We need to sow tithes to God so that we will be blessed abundantly. Thanksgiving to the Lord is the foremost important thing to be blessed.

What the man shall sow, he will reap the same. If the man sows unto his flesh, he will reap corruption through his flesh, but if he sows spirit, he will reap eternal life. We should not become weary at the time doing good deeds because, at the correct time, we will reap a harvest.

We need to do good deeds, especially to the family of believers who has more faith in God. In the meantime, god encourages to pray continuously, waiting on the Lord, and trust him. If we ask lord and wait on him, he gives us more. We need to love everyone so that we can do good deeds to them. We need to avoid jealousy, anger, pride. This makes us love them and do good deeds to them.

In the books of Ephesians chapter 3:20 says that the power that works in us can give us exceeding abundantly when we ask in the name of the lord. In the book of John chapter 5:5, a man suffering from a dreadful disease for thirty-eight years, but he didn’t give up, he waited on the lord, so Jesus told him to be healed. Waiting on the shows that we have more faith in the lord.

In the book of Isaiah, chapter 40:31 says that the lord provides strength to the weary and increases the power to the weak people, but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. If we wait a long time on the Lord, he will provide a high reward.

Conclusion: Christian Music Portal come up with daily inspirational bible verses that will make us grow more spiritually in God. Paul is teaching how to be with fellow Christians, doing good deeds to the family of believers.we should not give up; we need to wait on the Lord because god provides us at the right time what we needed. When God provides any promise, we need to pray until the promise comes to pass. Pray to God to provide humility. Daily prayer and reading the word of god make us stay in God forever, even in troubled situations. Let us wait on lord and claim for massive rewards, new strength.

Father in heaven, grant me to do good deeds, humility, and wait on you and have faith to receive the harvest at the correct time.

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