An Alternative to Anger: Bible Verse

Introduction: It is to one’s honor to avoid strife. Proverbs 20:3. The proverbs were written by the King of Solomon (son of David). Solomon was anointed with the wisdom, knowledge by God. He asked the Lord to anointed him with riches and understanding to discern judgment.

Description: The proverbs teach how to live our daily lives by avoiding strife, pride, jealousy, anger. Strife is caused by the involvement of satan in our lives and leads to the breakdown of relationships. Many disadvantages take place when strife exists in us. There is no fulfillment for our lives. Ask the holy ghost to provide self-control to avoid anger.

As Christians, we need to love each other because God so loved the Lord and gave his son to the world as a sacrifice. But the satan leads to hate others. We need to learn the word of God and increase our faith levels so that we can love each other without strife. If we don’t have faith, it is a sin.strife is also a sin. Meditate on the word of God to avoid anger.

In Proverbs 18:6,7, the verse speaks that the unwise men’s lips may lead to strife. His mouth is his destruction. We need to have a relationship with God. If we don’t have a relationship with God, the word of God in us will be corrupted because of strife. Don’t quarrel with each other.

In proverbs, 17:14 says that solve the problem beginning before the strife leads to the breakdown of the relationship. We need to have humility so that we can love each other. The strife leads to the destruction of relationships between the families, marriages, friends.

In James 4:1 says that the cause for the quarrels and fights comes from the lusts of the evil wars within us. If strife exists in us, then pride also exists. Even though we did many sins, Jesus christ forgave us and shed his blood to clean our sins, in the same manner, we need to forgive others.

In Matthew 22:39, Jesus christ commands that love your neighbors as I have loved you. This is the second commandment in the New testament. If everyone loves each other, there are no quarrels and fights.

In Genesis chapter 13: 6-9 speaks about Abram and Lot are staying together, but there was strife between the herdsmen of Abram livestock and herdsmen of lot livestock. So Abram decided to separate themselves from each other so that they don’t get any quarrels and not to breakdown their relationship.

In Proverbs chapter 16: 28 says that the disobedient man sows strife. The one who complains about others starts the quarrels, and whisperer man separates the closest friends. So everyone needs to avoid the character of the complainer and whisperer.

Conclusion: Christian Music Portal come up with daily inspirational bible verses that will make us grow more spiritually in God. Today’s Bible verses speak about the strife. It is one ‘s honor to avoid strife. We need to have a relationship with God so that we can avoid strife which leads to anger. Never hold grudges on others, love each other as God loves us. Everyone needs to pray about their weaknesses. Ask God to give self-control to avoid arguments and quarrels. Forgiveness is the foremost character that everyone should have to avoid anger. If you break down any relationship in the past, forgive them, and rebuild your relationship.

Lord grant me the self-control to avoid anger which leads to sin, make myself to forgive and love each other with the help of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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