Don’t, Judge: Today’s Daily Verse

Introduction: Who are you to judge someone else’s servant? Romans 14:4. This book was written by the apostle paul. This book contains a letter written by Paul to Rome.

Let no one judge another in the – bible scripture today.

Description: Paul distinguishes two people the strong and weak. The strong is the one who understands completely about the bible and has no restrictions about the food they eat, but the weak have restrictions about the food they eat. They think some foods are unspiritual. But paul completely knows about the bible and permits to eat anything because God has created everything on this earth.

He also says to the people of Rome that whether they are weak or strong, they do not judge others and despise others because God is the only one who judges everyone. Stop quarrelling with others, instead of criticizing everyone, accept each other as a brother and sister, have an intimate relationship and friendly relations with them.

Stop Judging Each Other: Most of the Christians behave harshly and judge them whenever they made wrong, we criticize them and argue with him, but it is not good to judge another. If he falls, God is there to make him stand. We have no right to judge others. In James 4:11-12, he says that we should not speak evil against one another and judge one another. There is only one lawgiver and judge who can save or destroy.

In Psalms 37:28 Lord loves justice, he will not forsake his saints, he will preserve them, and those who are wicked will be cut off from him. The arms of the wicked people will be broken, and he upholds the righteous people. In James 5:9 says do not grudge against one another, so that we will not be judged because God is there to judge everyone.

In 1 corinthians 4:5, we should not pronounce judgment before the time when the Lord comes, and he will bring to light the things that are hidden in darkness.
Why do we judge each other? We all stand before the judgment seat of Christ, god. So we don’t have any right to judge.

Let us not pass anyone’s judgment because we create a block between us that breaks the relation. We need to humble ourselves. Because Jesus Christ had humbled himself when jews forced him to death. He is the only allows judging the position of our hearts.

We need to speak graciously with others, accept everyone and show brotherly hood. We have to be the same how God is with us. Jesus said we need to love enemies and also pray for them. We are not our own master, and we are not masters of others; the only master is God who is in heaven. We should also not judge ourselves.

Conclusion: Christian Music Portal come up with online daily scripture reading with the most inspiring Bible verse of the day that will make us grow more spiritually in God .we need to have an intimate relationship with our brothers and sisters. We should not criticize, argue, despise and judge them.

It is not our duty to judge others. God is the only one whose judgment is perfect. The devil makes us argue, judge each other and creates space between our relations. We need to pray to God to deliver from the attacks of the devil. We need to love each other and make ourselves humble. We should be like well-informed Christians so that others might know about us.

Father Lord Almighty, you are the only judge who judges everyone, make myself not to judge anyone. I pray, Amen.

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