We are Precious Before God: Bible Devotion For Today

Introduction: You are precious and honoured in my sight, and . . . I love you. Isaiah 43:4. The author of this chapter was Isaiah. He was a great prophet in the bible. He has prophesied about Israel in this scripture.

Learn how Israel people became precious insight of lord in the cmportal.in – bible scripture today

Description: Isaiah was a prophet who prophesied about Israel. This reference is mainly focused on Israel. It was more precious and honoured in the sight of God. Lord was very much precious about Israel people because he has given promised to Abraham that lord will bless him, multiply his seed, and make nations from him.

God chooses Israel people. God made a covenant to Israel that he will not forsake them, and he loved them. This word made precious for God to love Israel. If God makes any promise, he will fulfill it. The lord took delight in the descendants of Abraham, so they were precious in his sight.

Why God honoured Israel: God has elected them as his people, so he wanted them to honour by all in the world. He honoured them because all the nations worshipped other gods, but Israel worships the Lord God almighty, who is in heaven. They maintained holiness in the midst of wicked people. They made themself as a holy nation, always giving praise to God, sanctify towards the lord. So God protected them and honoured them.

How God loved Israel: God loved Israel, so he brought Israel from the bondage and promised them that he would take to Canaan. When they made sins, he loved them and forgave their sins. Even if they did many wrong steps, but God has never forsaken them because he made a covenant with Abraham.

In the book of Exodus 19:5-6, God promises to Israel people that if they obey his commands, they shall be treasured among all the people because the earth belongs to him and make them as priests and a holy nation. In 1 Peter 2:9 says that we are chosen race, priesthood, a holy nation. We are called out of darkness to welcome into the marvellous light.

In Jeremiah 31:3, The Lord appeared and told them that he loved them with an everlasting love and continue my faithfulness unto you. If Israel people obey his commandments, he says he will fulfill all the promises.

In John 16:27, says father himself loves us when we love his son Jesus and believe that he came from God. If we love him, he will be united with us.

God so loved the world, so he sent his begotten son to die on calvary because of our sins. His love was priceless, so he sent the only son to this world to make us righteous.so we are precious because he made his son as a price and bought us.so we need to change into the character of Jesus to make us perfect. Already he has made himself perfect by his works.

Conclusion: Christian Music Portal come up with online daily scripture reading with the most inspiring Bible verse of the day that will make us grow more spiritually in God .if God has chosen, he makes all honour us. If we believe in him, he will choose us and make precious.

We are so precious because of his son’s death. So we need to obey his commandments so that we will be honoured by him.we need to change our character and unit with Jesus to become as one. God made us as his sons and daughters, so we need to be the likeness like Jesus. We need to try to make ourselves the precious insight of lord.

Father Lord Almighty, Thank you, God, for making me precious in your sight, and choosing me. Make me a man of perfect like Jesus Christ, so that I will be your son or daughter. I pray, Amen.

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