How great thou art lyrics

How great thou art lyrics

Beautiful lyrics how great thou art

This is a good hymn that will make you feel closer to the lord. When you sing out how great thou art lyrics, we will be filled with joy, strength, love, and power.

This is one of the most powerful hymns of all time. Let us know the story behind the song and it makes it much more beautiful.

It is a Christian hymn that is based on a Swedish traditional melody. It was a poem written by Carl Robert in Monsteras, Sweden in 1885.

Lyrics how great thou art was again translated into German and then Russian. It was translated into English from the Russian language by English missionary Stuart k. Hine.

This song was popularised by George Beverly shea and cliff barrows during the Billy Graham crusades. How great thou Art was ranked second on the list of the favorite hymns of all Time in a survey.

The story behind the How great thou art song

Stuart K. Hines was a British Methodist missionary born in 1899. He and his wife were missionaries in the western Ukraine of Russia. They evangelized as Christian workers and singers.

They conducted gospel campaigns throughout Great Britain. They also published many songbooks and wrote many of his beloved gospel songs.

He was on a missionary trip in Ukraine in 1931 when he heard the German song translated into Russian that was inspired by Carl Boberg’s poem ” O store Gud” ( O Great God ). He began to translate the song to English and also added several verses.

The third verse in how great thou art hymn was inspired by the conversion of villagers in Russia who cried out loudly, repent their sins, and realized God’s love and mercy.

Stuart Hine and his family left Ukraine because of famine and world war two. They were settled in Somerset, Britain where he continued to serve as a missionary to polish refugees. The fourth verse of how great thou art hymn lyrics was inspired by displaced Russians.

Because they experienced great loss and looked forward to seeing their loved ones in Heaven.

The final version of the How great thou art song was published in his Russian gospel magazine Grace and peace in 1949 and spread the countries like Britain, Africa, India, and America.

The first two stanzas in the song establish the grandeur of God’s creation. In the third stanza, the god of the creation continues the creative act by sending His son to redeem lost humanity.

The description of nature in the first two lines finds its fulfillment in heaven. The final stanza reveals the glorious stanza of God’s mission. Christ shall come and we will greet him with shouts of praise.


God has created a majestic beautiful world but we don’t find fullness in that. Then He did something more. He sent his sons to take our sins from us and to die on our behalf to bear the burdens. Each of these words to how great thou art that makes our soul sing.