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How Ash Wednesday determined is and what is meaning of Ash Wednesday facts

A day of fasting, prayer and repentance called the Ash Wednesday is the beginning of lent. This day usually occurs 46 days before Easter. Have you ever wondered why is this day called Ash Wednesday? On this day, people use ash and get cross on their forehead by priest of Church or any great saint. The words like “Repent and believe in Gospel” are chanted by the priests and saints while applying ash on peoples face. It is not restricted only for Christians but open for non- Christians and ex-community people also. Everybody can apply this ash on their forehead which symbolizes the mark of penance, grief and repentance for all their sins and mistakes.

The ash is made from the palms used in for Palm Sunday. Now, what is Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday is celebrated as a Triumph entry of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. To welcome him the people of Jerusalem laid down palm leaves as a way of paying respect. It is considered beginning of Holy week. These palms cannot be thrown away so best part of discarding them productively was to burn them and make use of it as ash. Since that day, every year when people bring the palm leaves as a part of their tradition to the church; the church authorities take in charge of them and burn it down to form ash.

What is the significance of Ash Wednesday?

Ash Wednesday is considered as the beginning and first day of lent. From this day people try to abstain themselves from getting the luxury. Sometimes, people even perform the ritual of fasting and worship lord Jesus Christ by singing Ash Wednesday prayer songs. It is a period from the lent till Easter arrives where people practice a process of self control and self abstinence. They also apply this ash on their forehead as a cross which will help them remind till the evening and help them be focused.

Ash Wednesday meaning?

Ash Wednesday is preceded by Shrove Tuesday. It is the first day of lent from which the people try to nullify their sins and penance in their own ways. There are mass Wednesdays also where people together worship lord Jesus Christ. There is a popular line for this day which says remember, “Man is dust, unto dust you shall return” meaning everybody is same and ultimately everybody has to return back to soil only. Then why have ego, self obsession, pride it is ultimately going to shatter one day. Instead, practice selflessness, love, be humble and kind towards everybody. It is only one line but it says it all, so deep and intense.

This year Ash Wednesday is expected lent to start on 6th march and end on 18th April. So, this year not only from the lent beginning to Easter , let us try to be good and make efforts to make a better person, that we do not really have to repent a lot for are sins. CM Portal wishes you all a happy Ash Wednesday and great year ahead.