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Introduction: I am about to die. But God will surely come to your aid. Genesis 50:24. This is the first chapter in the bible. This book tells about the history of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph about their faith in God.

Let us know about the faith journey of Joseph in the -today bible verse in English

Description: The journey of Joseph: Joseph is the son of Jacob and Rachel lived in Canaan with ten half brothers, one’s own brother. He was Rachel’s firstborn. His father preferred Joseph. The forefathers of Joseph are Abraham, Isaac. When he was 17 years old, he had two dreams that made his brothers angry at him. He was sold to slavery by his jealous brothers. Then he was taken into Egypt, and his brothers said to his father that an animal killed him.

Joseph Was Blessed By The Lord:

Joseph was sent to Egypt, and God gave him the knowledge to tell about the meaning of the dreams to king Pharaoh. After many troubles faced by him, but God has never forsaken him. King appreciated him and made him the prime minister of Egypt. Joseph had a dream about 7 years of famine. Then he told the king, and they stored the food sufficient for 7 years.

The brothers of joseph in Israel heard about the food is abundant in Egypt. Then they went to Egypt to buy food. Then they saw joseph and forgave each other and became as one. Then they told his father that his son was alive in Egypt. Then Jacob also came to meet his son. They all lived happily in Egypt.

After a few years, while Jacob was about to die, he called his sons and blessed each of his children. The Lord blessed Abraham, Issac, Jacob because they believed in God and have great faith in him. And he gave a promise to Abraham and his generations that they will live long and be blessed.

Jacob and his son, Joseph, walked in the faith of God. Even though his brothers harmed him, he not even harmed his brothers but loved them and comforted them after the death of his father. At the time of famine, he gave them food to eat. He gave all the resources to live in Egypt.

Joseph lived at the age of 110 and saw his great-grandchildren, and he was blessed in every situation. He knows about his death and calls his brothers and said to them, “ I am about to die.” surely God will bless you, have faith in him. He is the one who will comfort you. And he will take to the place that was promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And told his brothers to take his bones and bury in Israel.

In Genesis 35:12 god promises to Jacob that the land which he gave to Abraham and Issac he will give to him and his offspring. In Hebrews 11:22 joseph has ended his life by faith and told his brothers to bury his bones in Israel because it is the promised land to them.

Conclusion: Christian Music Portal come up with online daily scripture reading with the most inspiring Bible verse of the day that will make us grow more spiritually in God. God promised Abraham that he would give his promised land to him and his offspring. So when God promises, he will not forsake us and fulfill the promises. We need to have faith like joseph, even in troubles; he did not forget the Lord and did not disobey his commandments. So God blessed him and put him at the highest position. Even though his brothers harmed him, he loved them and asked them not to leave God. He has exceeding faith and shared with his brothers and told them that God would comfort us and take to the promised land.

Father Lord Almighty, make me a man like Joseph, who never disobeyed you, who has faith in you and loves his brothers even though they harmed him. I pray, Amen.

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