Sufferings Bring Glory: Daily Bible Verse With An Explanation

Introduction: Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life. James 1:12. The author of this book was James.

The important facts to receive the crown of life in the -everyday bible reading

Description: James writing to the people who are struggling in their lives with difficulties even though they are united in Christ. If anyone falls into temptation, we need to count it as joy. We need to work patiently in faith; if we are patient, the work is perfect, and we lack nothing. If we lack wisdom, we need to ask it from God by faith.

James also dealt with the poor and rich, and the poor should exalt in his low degree, whereas the rich should be exalted in low. He says blessed is the man who perseveres under suffering and stands still will receive the crown of life.

The gifts we receive when we suffer: 1peter 5:10 says that when we suffered a little while, the God who has called us to his eternal glory in Christ will strengthen, restore, and establish us. In 1 Peter 1:6-8 says that for if we are heaviness in temptations for a while and stand still and God will test the genuineness of our faith because faith is more precious than gold that will perish. At the end of revelation, when Jesus comes, he gives us glory, honour, praise.

God makes us suffer: James 5:11 says that Job in the Old Testament who was righteous before God was patience even though he suffered a lot, his patience made him wait on God. But at last, God showed pity and mercy on him, and he was blessed double folded.

In revelation, 2:10 says the devil always makes us suffer. When we are faithful to God, he will give us a crown of life. In 2 timothy 4:8 says when we suffer for righteous, we will also get crown of righteous, and we will be blessed.

The book of 1 Peter 4:13 when we rejoice and share Christ’s sufferings so that his glory shall be revealed, and we will be glad about the exceeding joy. In Matthew 10:22, when we are hated by all for the sake of Jesus and suffer till to the end, then we are saved by him.
God many times tested the Israel people with some sufferings, but they did not obey his commands and turn their hearts to evil. So they did not go to the promised land. But many prophets in the Bible like Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Joseph, Samuel, David, Job, Elijah, Paul steadfast in faith and blessed abundantly on the earth and also they will have a high position in heaven. Paul suffered a lot in preaching the word of God to all nations, but he steadfast in his work, and he finished his work on earth with exceeding great.

Sometimes God tests us by some sufferings, to know how we love God, whether we are obeying his commandments. But, we need to stand still when we are steadfast in patience, faith, well-doing, righteous, then God will give us honour, glory, the crown of life, eternal life.

Conclusion: Christian Music Portal come up with online daily scripture reading with the most inspiring Bible verse of the day that will make us grow more spiritually in God. Sometimes God makes us suffer so that we will be drawn close to him. So that our faith will increase, and we can come out of the darkness and stay in the light of God.

Satan easily makes us fall in temptations, but we should stand in faith to avoid temptations. When we fall into it, we easily fall into sins too. So we need to pray God not to fall in temptations if fallen ask him to take out of it. When we trust God with trials leads to perfection. He makes us suffer from receiving his crown of life.

Father Lord Almighty, Thank you God, for being with us in our sufferings and making us stand still and giving glory. I pray, Amen.

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