Life of Jesus

From the mystery of a Trinity
A promised coming to save mankind
Becoming man through a Virgin’s purity
An exacting problem for the mind

For thirty years experiencing obscurity
Preparing humbly for an oblation
To free the souls of humanity
From the depths of sin and perdition

Later preaching and working miracles
Sowing virtue like springtime seed
Endorsing the old laws ancient articles
And preaching love as the new laws creed

In those three years building a body
Overseen by a man of the sea
Then finally rejected as a nobody
He accepted death on a Calvary tree

Alongside thieves He slowly died there
Confirming death by an open heart
Releasing streams of saving care
Which set his followers from others apart

In another’s tomb they finally laid Him
But within a few days He arose again
The conqueror of death and destructive sin
Who from within The Trinity now does reign

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