Love Revealed: Daily Bible Verse and Explanation

He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. 1 John 4:9. The author of this chapter was john. John is the disciple of Jesus Christ. He is the one whom Jesus loved with a special love.

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Love is a choice, decisions made for the benefits of others. God loved the world, so he decided to send his only son to this world as a human. Jesus came to this world because he loved his father as well as the world. So he willingly laid down his life for the world.

Know the true love of the father in bible scripture reading:

Love is a gift that is received from the one who loves us. It expects nothing in return. The love we received is the love of Jesus Christ, so we need to accept him as our saviour and look at our ways to pass it on. He died in place of sinners. The love of God is truly seen not only by his words but also his actions.

How father showed his love to the world in new testament verse of the day:

God’s love is shown by the christ’s birth as well as death. He commends his love while we were still sinners; he gave himself as a sacrifice. He died to save the sinners. John 10:10 says Jesus Christ has come to this world to give us life and might have it more abundantly.

In John 6:51 says he is the living bread that came from heaven. If we eat this bread, we will forever. Here the word bread means flesh he gave his flesh to the world. So that we will get life by his sacrifice. In John 6:57 says God had sent his son and the son to live because of his father. So when we depend on him. We will live forever because of him.

In John 11:25-26 says he is resurrected and life. When we believe in him, we will live forever and shall never die. God sent his son for a purpose that we should live through him. He is the only way, truth, and life for the world. No one in this world raised from the dead but Jesus Christ has risen from this we know how great our Lord is.

What qualities should we learn from Jesus Christ in bible scripture reading:

1 John 3:16, we should learn how to love others because he laid down his life for us. This shows how much he loved us. So we need to lay down our lives for others.
We should love one another because God has shown his love for us. We need to share this love with others.
In Matthew 5:43-47 says that we need to love our enemies. But the world loves only those who love them but Jesus without knowing whom they love him; he sacrificed himself to the world.

Jesus Christ’s love is self-sacrificing, and he showed it in the highest form by sacrificing his life. He showed his love so that all the people will be saved and change to the image of him. His holiness and love show his nature. His love is genuine. In 1 John 5:11 says God gave his eternal life and this life comes from his son.

John 14:21 says when we obey his commandments and keep them and the one who loves and also his father then he will love us and manifest himself to we need to obey his commandments. In Romans, 8:39 says that no one can separate us from the love of Jesus Christ.


Christian Music Portal comes up with bible verses to read daily with the most inspirational Bible verse of the day that will make us grow more spiritually in God. Love is a gift we received from God. So we need to love others as Jesus loved us. We need to love our enemies. Jesus Christ will provide us with a holy spirit that will dwell in us and guides and teaches us to put faith in Christ.

God’s love is so amazing, so he gave his amazing grace so that he made us righteous. We need to show this love to others by our helping hands, mercy. When we believe in him, he will give us salvation. We can enter into heaven only through him. This is how God showed his love among us:

Father Lord Almighty, thank you, Lord, for showing your abundant love and sending your Son to save me from the world. I pray, Amen.

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