my ascent out of the pits of hell

hello everyone: my name is misslady and i am new to this site. i would like to share my testimony because my god is so good, and it means so much to me that he did this for me. you see, i once was involved in drugs and alcohol. i used drugs and alcohol everyday of my life, and i would lie to get money to make sure i had my fix for the day. i lost a lot of weight, so much that i could not stand to look at myself in the mirror. i was miserable, i mean really miserable everyday of my life. i woke up every morning with a hangover, and constant torment from the enemy because of my addictions, yet it was his doing that i was addicted in the firstr place. i began to feel that there was more to life than this, and i was weary of the ongoing treadmill of addiction. i began to talk to god about my misery, asking him to please help me. this went on for a few years, and no change. my family realtionship was strained because of my problem also. even though i saw no change, i knew about having faith in god no matter what things looked like. i began to listen to joyce meyer, td jakes, gregory dickow, joel osteen, and anyone else that could help me. i also began to read my word. i started saying out loud to the devil that no matter what it looked like, god was going to set me free. i even told my family members whenever they would start getting on my case. after a few years of this my god came thru for me. he made a way for me to go into a christian based recovery program in 2009.l stayed 7 mos there and left inearly 2010. i have been clean and sober since then, and no desires to go back. he has blessed me with a car, and i do not even have to make the payments!! i have a job making more money than i have in a few years, and my family relationship has been restored. theres so much more but i only have a little space left. god is good!! and i thank him for his deliverance from the darkness into the light. praise him everyone!!!