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Don’t be afraid . . . . Those who are with us are more than those who are with [the enemy]. 2 Kings 6:16. This book was written by the prophet Jeremiah. This chapter mainly deals with how God protects Elisha from Syrians.

How God protected Elisha from Syrians in cmportal.in – bible words in English today

 The king of Syria was always making war against Israel and placing their soldiers at some places to kill Israel. Then the man of God, Elisha, the prophet, said to the king beware of the enemies because Syrians are attacking us. He revealed all the things of Syria to the king.

Then the Syrian king named Aham was greatly troubled by the words of the man of God. Then he sent his servants to spy about the man of God who was knowing everything about us, then one of the servants said to the king that the son of man was called Elisha he was a prophet in Israel, and he knows everything about you and the words you are speaking on your bed.

Then the king of Syria said to his servants to know about the details of Elisha and get him to me. Then his servant said to him that he was in Dothan. The king wants to capture the Elisha. Then the king of Syria sent the horses and chariots army at night, and they surrounded the city.

Then the servant of the man of God saw the army, horses, chariots. He was greatly afraid. He thought that he had a little chance to escape from them. Then Elisha said to the servant not to fear, and he also said those who are with us are more than the ones who are with the enemies. But the servant saw nothing was with him and Elisha. He gave his servant a reason, not to fear. He gave hope and confidence to this servant.

Then Elisha prayed to the Lord to open the eyes of the servant so that he could see the reality of the situation. Then the Lord opened the eyes of the servant, and then we could see the reality that could not be seen by him before. He was able to see more than with him than the enemies. We are blind to the spiritual reality when we ask God he will open our eyes, and we can see the spiritual works done by him.

The spiritual works of God are he sent the firepower all around Elisha. So that the enemies can’t do anything to Elisha. Then Elisha prayed to the lord to blind the eyes of enemies. Then he took the enemies of Syria to the king, and the king asked Elisha what to do with the enemies. Then Elisha said to arrange them a feast so that they will eat and go to Syria.

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Father Lord Almighty, Thank you, Lord, for helping me in any situation and grant me your power to defeat the enemy… I pray, Amen.

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