The Word Became Flesh and Dwelt among us: Daily Bible reading

Scripture: John 1:1-18. The author of this chapter was John.

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Through the word, God created the earth and heaven in the beginning, so John wrote the word was already there in the beginning. It existed before the creation. This word was with God, and that word was a God. Father and son are distinct from each other, but they are equally god, and they are separate persons.

He creates all things. The word created all the things by god. Without the presence of God, nothing is created. God and Christ are one. The word is the source of all life. The word of god has life and light; he gives us spiritual light. We are in darkness and dead without Jesus, but because of him, we are in the light. When we are darkness, He will give us light because he has created light.

Receiving the word of god in free daily bible verse:

The Lord sent the man named John. He came to the earth for a witness and also bear a light of witness so that all will believe in him. The work of John is to bring the people before Jesus and make them have faith in him. John was not the light, but he pointed and bore the witness of the light. He is the one who gives truth and faith to the people about the light that is Jesus.

John did not mean that the word is giving light to everyone. Whoever is born in this world is through the true light. God came to this world, but the world doesn’t know him because it has fallen and rejects the god. Whoever rejects will not receive the word of god and light.

God has sent his Son to this world as a man, but the world did not recognize him and rejected him. God has hidden him in the carpenter’s house, but the world doesn’t know, and they didn’t receive him. But the one who receives him will have the right to become the children of God. We need to receive him, and when we receive him, we are born from him, not by human effort.

The word itself became flesh. It means Jesus, and it dwelt among us, and we partake in his glory. He is the begotten Son of the father who is full of grace and truth. He has come close to us. We don’t want to struggle for him.

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Father Lord Almighty, Thank you, Lord, make our hearts to receive his word and fill our lives with glory and peace. I pray, Amen.

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