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Masilamani was born to A.B Greshom paul and A.B saramma in the year 1914 in pitapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India. Rev A.B Masilamani was the president of the Asia baptist youth fellowship. He was also the editor of many Christian Telugu magazines. The songs that are composed by Masilamani are sung melodiously in the catholic and protestant churches till today.

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Andala Tara, Devuni Neethi Pratapam, Randi Suvartha Sunaadamu, Jeevaharamu Rammu He Prabhu YesuSantoshimpare Priyulara, Deva vembadinchithi née naamamun, Karuna peetamu jerare, Nadipinchu Naa Naava, This is a well-known song to Telugu Christians. These are the Christian Hymnal in Telugu that is composed of Masilamani. These are Original songs in Telugu. Old Telugu Christian devotional songs by A.B Masilamani are available on our page.

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