Sleep Talk – Increase your child’s respect


Parents now one day shower their children with materialistic gifts. They get the latest toys, designer clothes and even tickets to see their favorite cartoon characters. Some kids even have their own iPads (even I don’t have one !!!!).

But if you could only give ONE gift to your child that will last him / her a lifetime, what would it be? What is the ONE gift that stays with your child when you are both gone? What would that be?

As loving parents, you have done very well alongside “mistakes” you never intended to make. Your little ones see you, their parents, as their everything. Their whole world revolves around you, their parents. How many of you have uttered such heartbreaking statements in a moment of stress such as “How could you be so clumsy !?” or “Why can’t you be as smart as your sister !?” It may be something innocent that we don’t really mean, but for the child it means a lot.

Before you go deeper into hurting your child, STOP! Never say anything negative to your child. It may seem harmless or it can be some kind of joke, but a child’s filtration system is not that strong yet, and they might just take that comment literally.

Take this analogy. When we buy a computer, it comes complete with an instruction manual with all do’s and don’ts. However, little babies come as they are. Many new parents are not fortunate enough to have extended family members to lend a helping hand. Many practically go into parenthood with the slightest idea of ​​what to expect! How can these parents give their best for the precious little bundles of joy?

Sleep Talk ™ for children is a very powerful process of positive parenting. It was developed by Joane Goulding of the Goulding Institute in Melbourne, Australia. It works by assigning positive messages to a child’s subconscious mind, giving him / her confidence to face the world. The process helps with many childhood issues such as separation anxiety, bed wetting, habits, behavioral issues, speech, just to name a few. This procedure can also be used for children without problems. It only takes two minutes each evening to give positive suggestions to your sleeping child.

Think about what children say or the way they act is learned behavior. Who do they learn from? Their So when you hear people say, never argue in front of your children, that’s true! Children’s minds are like mushrooms, they absorb everything!

Spending time with your children is important. Take them out to the parks, fish with them, help them bake cookies or even go on art classes together. Remember that what you invest in your children today will have a lasting effect on them forever. Spending quality time with them and telling them how you feel is just as important.

With the Goulding Process – Sleep Talk ™ for Kids, we will be able to give our children the joy and confidence to face the daily challenges when we are not there to “protect” them.