God is working for good: Daily inspirational bible verses

We all know that in all the things, God works for the good, those who love him, and also god loves them those who call him for various purposes. Romans 8:28. Apostle Paul who is the author of this chapter wrote a letter to the church of Rome.

God does all the things good for those who believe in him in cmportal.in – bible words in English today

In Romans, 8:28 says an amazing truth that God does all the things good for those who love and believe in him. When he created the earth and heaven, He saw everything that he made was good. How can we say that the things made by God are good because we know who God is? He is sovereign, and all things are under his control, and he does all the things good for his children.

Paul says things don’t work for good on their own. It is the God who works for everything to be good. We should have faith in God but not on things. All the things might not be good as there might be some evil things. Sometimes suffering, sickness, and sin are also bad things, but God brings good out of those bad things.

Some examples in the bible show us how God brought the man out of bad situations in bible reading scripture:

When we see Joseph, he was sold to slavery by his brothers, but God brought god from his suffering. When we look at Job, he lost everything, and he suffered from illness, but God has brought him out of his suffering. When we look at Jesus, he suffered a lot, but God brought him out of the suffering and honoured him.

The above promise verse is for the believers. The believers are those who love God and who call him according to their purpose. The first and greatest commandment that God gave is we need to love the lord whom we have been calling him for various purposes. We all are chosen people by the Lord. He has called us for a purpose that is the plan by God in advance. He has called us to Jesus to get salvation.

Conclusion: Christian Music Portal comes up with bible verses to peruse day by day with the most persuasive Bible section of the day that will cause us to develop all the more profoundly in God. Whatever the bad thing we faced from our past and in our trials. Whatever the satan plans but God will bring us from the bad and make it good.

It is an amazing promise he gave to every believer. We are called by him when we are in Christ, and nothing can harm us and do all the things good. When we are in the worst situation, we should trust in God because he makes everything good.

Father Lord Almighty, Thank you, Lord, for making all the things work for good. Make me trust you more. I pray, Amen.

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