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Praise and worship are a natural and universal process. Where ever you go, you will find the people worshiping someone or something. There is no one who doesn’t worship. This act of devotion is directed to different people, materials, or a divine being. The simplified meaning of worship is to devote oneself to something or someone. What are you devoted to? Is it money, career, family, relationships, or gadgets and technology?

Though we all do not worship the same God, everyone is devoted to something or someone. Why is it all of us seem to have the instinct to worship? Have you ever thought about that? The best conclusion to this is that we all have been created just to worship the Creator.The quest for man is an ongoing process. We want to find the fundamentals of human nature, origin, and destiny. There is one book that covers all these quests. It also talks about our worship instincts. The Bible is the mysterious book that was written by God to tell us what He has in His heart.

The Whole of the Bible focuses on God and His love mankind. From Genesis to Revelation, it speaks of God’s zealous love for us. Jesus says, in Matthew 4:10, ‘worship the Lord your God and serve him only’. In other words, worship is not a natural instinct but a command given by God.

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