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He was born on February 29th, 1928. He was born in Govinda Puram in Guntur District. He was grown up in a brahmin family and God chose him and saved him. He was working as a language teacher for Christian missionaries. He used to teach using John gospel as the textbook. He began to read the book then God began working in Him. He kept on doing God’s work. In his service, the most significant was teaching the entire bible through Transworld Radio which is also known as Vishwa Vani for 25 years. He wrote many books and composed thousands of songs.

He was a wonderfully gifted Radio speaker, writer, preacher, lyric composer, TV speaker, and soul winner. All through his life, He has been in service of God. Even at the age of 84, He continued to serve God. Acharya RRK Murthy took the word of God to reach many millions. He was a spiritual father for many people in India. God used him as a servant to bring many souls to Jesus Christ. He also trained many Gospel ministries and Gospel singers. Acharya RRK Murthy founded spandana spiritual monthly magazine in the year 1976. He died in the year 2011 July 15th at 4.0PM. Everyone respected him for his sermons over radio and television channels.

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