Learning the Language: Bible verse

Introduction: As I walked around and looked carefully at your objects of worship, I even found an altar with this inscription: to an unknown god. Acts 17:23. This Book of Acts specifically says about the disciples of Jesus who are teaching the word of God to the gentiles. Paul is also a preacher who teaches about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ to many countries. In this article, we need to learn how to preach the gospel to others. How to interact with others and know their interests.

Description: In the books of Acts, chapter 17:16-34, Paul visited Athens, and his spirit was stirred within himself because the whole country is filled with worship. Then Paul said to Athens, and you are too superstitious. As I passed around and observed at the objects of your worship, I found an altar with the inscription “To the unknown god,” and therefore, you are worshipping with ignorance.

God, who made the world and all things, and he also made heaven and earth, and he will not dwell in temples made by humans. He is not worshipped with the hands of men because he gave life, breath to all things. He made the earth and everything out of nothing. We should seek the Lord; we think that God is far from us, but he dwells in us and guide us in our ways. So we should not worship idols made by humans.

We are the children of God, and we should not worship idols made of gold, silver, stones, and graven art. Because of the ignorance of the men, they are worshipping the idols. But god overlooked all the ignorance, and he commands all men everywhere to repent. Paul said that God had appointed the judgment day for the men of the world. He also gave the assurance that he raised his son from the dead.

When the people of Athens heard about the resurrection of the head, they mocked him. But some of the people said that they would listen to the matter again. Before saying the word of God to others, we need to see how much they care for us.

In the book of Luke, chapter 15:10 says that there will be joy in the presence of the angels of God if we bring the gentile to repent and serve the Lord. We need to know the interests of the others and tells about Jesus Christ in a manner how they like.

In corinthians chapter 9:22,23 says that Paul became weak to the weak people and strong to the strong people. He changed himself to save the people. To preach the word of God to them, he has done everything to them. He understood with the people of Corinth and interacted with them. We should interact with the people by sharing the love of Jesus Christ. If we find the interests of others, then it will be easier to share the Gospel.

Conclusion: Christian Music Portal come up with daily inspirational bible verses that will make us grow more spiritually in God. We need to learn how to preach the word of God to the gentiles. We need to tell the crucifixion resurrection of Jesus Christ and make them believe in him it’s our work to say about Jesus Christ to the world. When we win the soul and bring to Jesus Christ, we will be rewarded greatly in heaven. We need to ask the Lord to grant knowledge and wisdom to preach the gospel to others.

Lord, we wish you to grant us knowledge wisdom to preach the gospel to the gentiles.

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