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Proclaiming the power of grace to all nations Bro.Anil Kumar the founder and chairman of Anil World of Evangelism is full heartedly into spreading the word i.e. gospel of Jesus Christ. He believed in Jesus Christ and his deeds. He started his noble thing by sending message and spreading word through his melodious and beautiful songs in the albums named Anil Kumar Songs which can be downloaded free of cost through our website .You can listen to them whenever you wish to by keeping them handy in your portables. To avail this you can conveniently type Anil Kumar Songs free download to have it offline. To curb the space issues we have Anil Kumar Songs Mp3 download format also considering peoples comfort in mind. Bro Anil Kumar Songs had a kind of magic in his voice which everybody rejoiced and showered him with lot of praise and love.

Bro. Anil Kumar is a strong Evangelist and his strong belief and faith towards Lord Jesus Christ is now honored as international Evangelist. You can download all the Bro. Anil Kumar Songs Albums which are mostly in Telugu but loved by everyone. He has many popular and hit songs few of them like “ Maargam Satyam Jeevam”, “Yudda Veeruda”, Yesu Devuni Aaradhikulam, Shudda Hrudayam, Rosham Kaligina Kraisthavuda , Prabhu Naaman and many more .

Anil Kumar was born in Hyderabad city in Telangana State. Coming from an orthodox Brahmin family his passion towards live God became stronger and his songs are welcomed by everyone. It would not be an exaggeration to say that even the non Christian listen to Bro. Anil Kumar Songs with loads of zeal and happiness. “Jesus My Hero” and many more sound tracks of Anil Kumar Albums are being in the top list.

You can download all of these songs in just a click away. It is not tedious and quick and easy. It is a source where you can access free and unlimited songs of various and most popular artist such as Bro.Anil Kumar Songs and albums. “ Jesus My Life” , “Jesus My Way” , “Jesus The King Of King” , “ Jesus My Victory “ , “Jesus The Everlasting Love”, are some of the latest albums out and soon many more to come. You can free download Mp3 songs of any of these albums and catch the most interesting songs ever on this website. You can even download the lyrics of any song which help you give better understanding of the songs and anything is worthwhile only if it is understood. You’re even given the audio visual aids i.e. you can download any video and convert it into any format at your convenience. Bro. Anil Kumar is committed in helping people understand how blessed they are and hoe heavily favored they are. Anil Kumar songs is leading voice in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and helping in spread his message beautifully. He is acting as a medium of message which helps one to be a better individual and his songs act as a guide and source of inspiration to righteous path and guidance.

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Bro. Anil Kumar was an orthodox Brahmin by birth. However the passion that he has developed towards the living God has made him the renowned Evangelist, marking a turning point in his life which made a phenomenal growth as an international Evangelist.


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