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Bro. M. Anil Kumar (born 10 February 1972; Hyderabad, India) is an Evangelist, founder and chairman of Anil World Evangelism. He is passionately committed to preaching the glorious gospel of Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, teaching the never changing word of God.

Anil Kumar was born to a Hindu Brahmin family but later he converted to Christianity after his love marriage to Sharmila in 1995. He believes that whatever he is today and whatever he has achieved to date is only because of Lord Jesus Christ and he is here only to glorify God.

His Anil Kumar Evangelism shares love and compassion of Lord Jesus Christ to many heartbroken people around the world.

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  • Papaniki naku a sambandam ledu
  • ఆరంభమయింది Restoration Song by Anil Kumar
  • Premalo padanu
  • ఏ సమాచారం నమ్ముతావు నువ్వు (Ye Samacharam) Song
  • I’m Blessed Person Song
  • Saswathamaina prematho song lyrics
  • Yesu devude naa anda song

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