Christian Charity – Sharing Love And Selfless Giving

What is your thinking about the christian mission charities?

The meaning of the word “Charity” is taken differently by the world today. It is giving something to someone who is desperately in need. When the word “Charity” comes into your mind, it strikes that giving food and clothes to poor people living on streets, homeless and beggars. That is what people think about charity.

But Christian charity meaning is different in the Bible. It means love others in the name of God, share things to people who can’t support themselves. God’s way of teaching human beings is that learn to live himself/herself because spoon feeding is not the intention of God’s teaching.

Look at the examples from the Bible:

Manna came from the sky – It is a charity of God to his people when they are starving.

Jesus has died on the cross – It is a charity of Jesus to save his people from sinful nature.

It shows us that charity is a Christian virtue. When people are in desperate need of food and clothes, is providing basic needs without expecting anything back. It should be a common trait in all Christians irrespective of denomination. If you are in a position to give, give your helping hand that is what makes us true Christians.

We are reminded through the Bible “Sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven” (Matthew 19:21, NIV).

Majority of Christians use possible money for the good of others. Today, many poor countries depend on charity organizations for their care, welfare, and development.

Christian charity organizations work in various countries for food assistance, health care, safe water, and quality education. When sponsors receive letters, photos, and videos from poor, they are encouraged to support more.

The true Christian ethos is important to the spirit of Christian charity. The best Christian charities believe and follow nonprofit principles, serving poor honestly.

There are thousands of children benefited by the Christian charity organizations and building their lives. Without Christian charities, it is not possible for many countries to survive and support orphans. Because of Jesus Christ teaching, many Christian charity organizations have come forward to lending their hands to provide needs of destitute. Be it education, healthcare and food are provided by these charity organizations to change the lifestyle of needy.

These Christian missionary schools, colleges, hostels and many more are running by the selflessness Christians. Those who accepted Jesus Christ as their lord is keeping the money for others to show their love.

Charity monthly donations by the Christians are a key aspect for these organizations to offer services to millions of people across the world.